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Elton John is one of the world's most famous musicians, and he has been singing for decades. His fans want to know is Elton John wearing a wig or not?

Elton John used to wear wigs because of his hair loss since he was a child, but he had a hair transplant. This eventually eliminates the real need for him to wear wigs at all. In his early days as a rock star, he was known for wearing wigs and elaborate costumes.

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From an early age, Elton John was confronted with a bald spot on his face. His hair began to fall out when he was younger, making very sad. He was a rock and pop star, played a significant role on stage, and lost his hair. What would he do?

In an effort to regain some of hair loss, He sought medical attention. Basically, he wanted a reliable hair transplant procedure. This was in the 1970s, and the available medical procedures were relatively new, but they were available.

What happened to Elton John when he decided to go for a hair transplant?

However, they were far from perfect. In an interview with The British newspaper, The Mirror, Elton John described his plight. He underwent surgery for his hair, which resulted in severe pain. In the article, HE was quoted as saying, “I left the clinic in a state of shock.” This, too, could be set to last.

In an interview with Metro, another British newspaper, John opened his chest with his wigs. He explained that the first ones he wore were very ugly, and they looked like dead animals. He said, “The first wig I had was awful. I remember a review when I came out of Freddie Mercury's concert at Wembley. He said I came out with a deadhead on my head. "

He was accustomed to antidepressant treatment, but it was only temporary. In fact, the only remedy for Elton John's baldness was a successful hair transplant. Therefore, he wanted to have another procedure in his old age after the medical procedures had been developed.


After all, Elton John is not the only celebrity to wear hair extensions. Many out there often use wigs and toupees to cover baldness or weak hair. This list doesn't just include male players, either. There are a lot of female artists who add to their hair. Usually, celebrities will wear wigs simply because they want a new style.

Regardless of her hairstyle, Elton John is still one of the most famous artists in history. His career is over 55 years old. You have earned an incredible amount, including calculations, and you are worth more than half a billion dollars.

Elton John Hairs

Despite all his accomplishments, John still has a sense of humor. Another area he continued to struggle with was hair loss.

The 72-year-old star began to lose his locks in the early '70s, and the poor dyeing work only made matters worse. In 1976, He had no hair left and thus suffered a painful hair transplant that lasted five hours.

John described the procedure as "painful as hell" and said that after the operation, he looked "like something that might appear at the end of a horror film." Finally, He decided to start wearing a wig.

He noted that once he stopped paying attention because of his hair loss, some people seemed oblivious to him. And it should - John's hair has nothing to do with his musical talent and healing career.



You can see many pictures of Elton John without a toupee. In all of his work, he shows a thin and slender hairline.

While John was filming Rocketman, he was not shy when many of the star-studded stars, even then, were at the beginning of his career.

The leading causes of baldness can be genetic and hormonal function. And in the case of Elton John, his degenerative hair loss may be caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Medical experts at the Belgravia Center have reported that the use of cocaine can prevent hair loss, and combining it with an unhealthy diet will only aggravate the condition.


So, in that case, Elton John could have chosen a hairstyle as a solution to his baldness. Today, there are different types of hair extensions at different prices depending on the quality. High-quality wigs can cost up to $ 400. But hair extensions made from pure human hair will be more expensive because of their excellent quality.

In 2011, hair transplant surgeon Samuel M. Lam advised Elton John to wear a high-quality toupee instead of surgery. The reason was that John's hair loss was so severe that extending the hair transplant could not solve the problem correctly and restored to him a more desirable appearance.

After a series of "as traumatic" procedures, finally, Elton John chose to start wearing a toupee as the advice of his hairdressers. And now, Elton John admits he wore a wig.


If you want to know about Elton John's wig, we hope this article has helped you better understand. With this post, we can see that hair transplant surgery is not always the first and most effective treatment for hair loss but the hair system. Elton John’s hairpieces are legendary.

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