Independence Day Sale - Unbeatable Discounts on Our Lace Hair Systems!

July 09, 2024 LaVivid News Views: 215

To celebrate the important holiday of Independence Day, we have a special Independence Day Sale. Whether you are getting ready for a party or planning a vacation, our hair systems will be the best choice for your perfect look. Now let’s take a look at the details of this sale!

As the scorching summer approaches, are you experiencing frustration with hair systems that lack breathability? For summer wear, it is recommended to choose a hair system with a lace base. During our Independence Day Sale, we are offering a 25% discount on various lace hair systems. Make sure to take advantage of our special offer when upgrading your hair system for the upcoming hot summer season.


If you like full lace hair systems, then you can go for the Helios and Thor ones. Helios has a base made entirely of transparent Swiss lace, with hand-sewn lines to ensure better shape and durability. The Swiss lace is soft and will offer you the most natural-looking front hairline and can be worn in hot weather or during exercise. Thor has a base made entirely of French lace, with reinforced stitching lines to create a well-fitting shape. The French lace is soft, light, and breathable but also strong and durable. It offers you the most natural front hairline and the most comfortable fit. 



If you like the combination of lace and skin-based hair systems, then you can consider a few of them.

Ares features French lace on the front and a wide 2” skin on the back, along with 1/4” skin on the sides for simple cutting and bonding around the edges. The skin structure surrounding the base of the cap enables simple application and removal. The hairpiece is made durable by the stitching lines in the lace area and the skin structure.


Crius falls under the lace hair systems category due to its lace base and PU in the perimeter. Crius features a central French lace and 1 inch of polyurethane skin around the edges. The French lace gives a breathable and soft sensation, while the thin skin strengthens the piece’s shape and simplifies the tape or glue application and removal. Within the outer edge of the skin, the hair is V-looped, resulting in an incredibly lifelike hairline.


Simois is a hair system made of lace and poly combined in the base. The foundation of Simois has lace in the center, along with a border of 1 inch of thin PU around the edge and half an inch of lace at the front of the base. The central lace base offers a comfortable and airy sensation. The thin PU surrounding the edges simplifies the process of attaching and detaching, while the front lace ensures a natural hairline.


Atlas features French lace at the center and thin PU skin on the sides and back. The knots at the front of the lace are bleached to achieve a realistic hairline. French lace is known for being both delicate and enduring, providing a soft, lightweight, and breathable option for those who prefer thick hairstyles, with Atlas being a top recommendation.


The George hair system features 0.04mm ultra-thin skin on the front and Swiss lace on the back as its base. The ultra-thin poly measuring 0.04mm provides a hairline that looks natural and is impossible to detect. You can easily reveal George’s hairline without any difficulty. The Swiss lace at the back of the wig enables your scalp to breathe easily during the hot summer or when exercising. George is tailored for individuals who desire a thin hairline and breathability simultaneously.


Douglas features a combination base of French lace on the inside, 0.08mm poly skin around the edges, and a cross-section in the middle. This foundation design enables the scalp to receive proper ventilation in warm weather or during exercise. Additionally, the poly skin area facilitates the application of tapes or glue, simplifying the removal of adhesive.

The Douglas system is a potent alkaline solution that can endure for six to nine months. The hair thickness is approximately 120%, medium light, suitable for those who prefer dense hairstyles. The area around the hairline is styled with a graduation method, with the front hair gradually thickening to achieve a gorgeous, realistic look. There is no issue at all when it comes to revealing your hairline with Douglas.


We also have other base hair systems, hair patches, and adhesives in this sale. Be sure not to miss out on this event!


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