I Don’t ‘Need’ A Hair System. I Choose to Wear One.

December 01, 2021 LaVivid News Views: 2180

The purpose of a hair system is not just to make someone look more attractive and they as you quite rightly say can build a person's confidence. The use of the word ‘need’ is dangerous. NOBODY "Needs" a hair system. It's extremely important to be careful with how we promote the use of hair systems because we already live in a society where the image is everything. It only reinforces the negative need/want for people who are dealing/suffering from hair loss, and for them, it can be a mentally difficult time. We should try to focus on the mental health side of it, how it can make you feel and that it ultimately is a choice, not a requirement. Hair systems are a great option for men and women, should they feel they would benefit from having one.

That is Liam in the above before-after picture. Quote Liam: "Hairsystems are fantastic things. I love wearing them. In fact, I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, that tackled my self-esteem issues surrounding my hair and no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed about showing my before and after pictures! Even though it still leaves me feeling slightly vulnerable to criticisms and opinions. Before anyone comments, Yes I totally understand I chose to put myself out which I take full responsibility for. However that being said, I am a person with feelings and I certainly don't "need" a hair system.”

“I choose to wear one. I think the term ‘need’ can be quite damaging and detrimental to people's self-confidence. No one should think they are only better looking once they have hair. Yes of course in today's society they can improve someone’s appearance by "Today's expectations" and they do from my experience have a positive effect on mental wellbeing/confidence etc which is why I opted to wear them. But far too many companies are now dishing out hair systems without thinking about the person and what they may feel or already have been through to get to the stage where they feel they "NEED" a hair system.


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