The Way to Straighten A Wig

June 24, 2020

Buying a wig is the first step to solving a hairless problem; the next step is to style it the way you want it to look in order to complete the appearance that will leave you satisfied. So, you are probably asking: can you straighten a wig? Yes, you most certainly can, and it’s not too difficult a task. Below you will find a guide on how to straighten your wig, and a few tips on what to do and what to avoid.


During your hunt for the perfect wig, you probably came across the two different types of wigs: human wigs and synthetic wigs. While both offer amazing looks for your daily pleasure, they differ a bit in terms of texture and fiber.


Human wigs, are as their name states, made of human hair which offer everything you will expect from your own natural hair. They feel and act like real hair, which means that they can be styled in a variety of different ways, but they have a tendency to frizz in humid weather. Human wigs also tend to return to their natural appearance after being washed.



Like real hair, human wigs can be straightened using heat, like with a straightener. We strongly recommend that you take extra care with your wig, just like you would do with your own hair. This means that your straightener should not be too hot. It would also be best if you applied a heat-resistant spray to your wig before straightening it, just to add a layer of protection so that the hair on your wig will not be damaged by the intense heat.

If you simply want to have a more straight appearance, but not the super straight look, you can settle for using a blowdryer instead. Spray a bit of water on your wig, then grab your blowdryer and brush. It would be best to blowdry your wig in sections, beginning at the back lower section near the neck, clipping the rest of the hair on top to get the hair out of the way. Brush the hair downwards while blowdrying at the same time. Repeat this process a few times until the desired look is achieved, then process onto the next section. Using a blowdryer instead of a flat iron will give a straight appearance but with more volume than the flat and straight look that a straightener will leave behind.


Synthetic wigs have come a long way in recent years, offering appearances and textures that are almost indistinguishable from real human hair. The biggest difference between human wigs and synthetic wigs is their ability to be styled. Synthetic wigs usually have “memory fibers”, which means that they will always return to the style they originally had when you bought them. This can make styling a challenge, but it is not impossible.


If your synthetic wig is made of the older, plastic fibers, you may want to avoid straightening it. Almost all methods of straightening require heat, which can very easily damage the plastic fibers. However, high-quality synthetic wigs are safe to be straightened, if done correctly.

Just like human wigs, you can straighten your synthetic wig using a flat iron. Once again, avoid using very high heat settings in order to prevent burning the hairs. Using a heat-resistant spray will provide an extra layer of protection. You can’t go wrong using the blowdryer method too. Both of these methods might require you to repeat the straightening process a few times since synthetic hair fibers are stubborn and quite resistant to change.

Another method you can try with synthetic wigs that you can’t do with human wigs is using a steamer. The moisture from the steam will first wet the hair, allowing it to be styled by the heat that is accompanied by the steam. Simply steam the hair in a downwards motion, combing the hair as you go.

Whether or not you wash your synthetic wig afterward, the straightening style will eventually wear off due to the memory of the fibers, meaning that the hair will return to its original style.

In conclusion, straightening your wig, whether it is human or synthetic, is very possible. You should just take extra care while styling it to avoid damaging it. The more careful you are, the longer the wig will last. Now, do you know how to choose wigs after reading this blog?