How to Remove Tape from Your Lace Base System?

December 9, 2019
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Properly removing the tapes from your hair system is important to make sure it is cleaned thoroughly before it is bonded to your head again.

So, what will happen if you don’t remove the tapes effectively and leave some on the base?

Leftover tape can cause build-up on the base and cause damage to the knots, which causes tangling and shedding. The leftover tape on the base can hinder the new layer of tapes or glue to stick as successfully.

Items that can help you remove the tapes: Lace release solution, a 91% isopropyl alcohol solution, cotton swabs and a syringe.

Do not remove your hair system by pulling it off straight from the head because you may pull the hair off. Extra care must be paid to thin skin bases which are liable to tear when removing too roughly.

We suggest you firstly apply the 91% isopropyl alcohol solution to a cotton swab and use the cotton swab to dampen the tapes. Then peel your hair system off little by little.  

isopropyl alcohol

After you peel your hair system off, there may still be tapes left on the base. Follow the below steps to remove them properly.

Step One: Apply lace release to the base where the tape is

Take the hair system using one hand and squeeze a few drops of the lace release solution on to the edges of the tape to let the lace release soak through the tape area. Make sure each piece of the tape is soaked with lace release. It is ok if a little lace release gets on the hair.

lace release

Step Two: Lift and Remove the Tape

Wait a minute or two to let the lace release solution dissolve the bonding of the tapes. It is best not to wait any longer, or the lace release will evaporate.

If you were distracted by something during the process and didn’t lift the tape in time, you can repeat step one.

To remove the tape properly, find a place where the tape is already loose from the base and lift it gently using your finger. Continue to peel off all the tapes until it is clean. You can apply more lace release solution to stubborn areas. Note, in order to protect the environment, please do not discard the tape at will. Be sure to do harmless treatment before discarding


remove the tape

Step Three: Shampoo and condition the hair

After you have peeled the tape off, you need to clean the hair system. Rinse the base with running water and shampoo the hair. Hold the base inside facing up when you rinse it. If you let the hair side face up, it can make it easier for hair to get stuck in the base and it is not easy to pull them back.

Another thing to pay attention to is that when you condition the hair, don’t apply conditioner onto the base. Since the left-over conditioner on the base will make the tape or adhesive not stick as it should do.

clean the hair system

Step Four: Let it Air Dry

Let the hair system air dry naturally, or use a hair dryer to heat the hair.

air dry the hair system

Here is a tip when you remove the tape from a lace hair system. Before you remove the hair system from your head, firstly spray some lace release onto the area where you know there is tape on the other side. This will help break the bond between the tape and lace at the first place. Also this will prevent pulling hair through the base to the other side when you pull off the tape.

lace release

This Walker lace release works really well. It has big bottle versions and portable versions which is easy to carry with you while traveling and easy to use. 

Any more questions regarding how to care and maintain a hair system, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we are very happy to help you out.