How to Remove your Hair System in the Right Way

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Just like you need to wash your own hair to keep it in good condition, you also need to remove your hair system and get it cleaned from time to time. A few days or weeks after wearing your hair system, inevitably dust or sweat will accumulate on the base or in the front hairline. Of course, this is the last thing we want.


How often should I remove my hair system?

remove hair system

Usually, once every two weeks you should remove your hair system and clean it thoroughly. However, this is a personal preference and depends on your lifestyle (for example how much you exercise or sweat). Some people prefer to remove it everyday or even right after an exercise. A hair system can usually be kept on for two weeks with no problems.


What’s the difference between removing a lace and a skin hair toupee?

Is there any difference when removing a lace and a skin toupee? The answer is yes. Lace base has mesh while a skin base doesn’t. When you try to pull the tape from a lace hair system base, there is chance that you might pull hair through from the other side and it’s not easy to get it back.

So, the first step to removing a lace base is that you spray lace release or any adhesive remover on and under the hair (while the system is still on your head) to the places where you know there are tapes. By doing this, the adhesive remover will loosen the bond between the lace base and the tape. Also, we want the tape to stay on the head instead of getting stuck on the lace base. 

This step is exclusively for lace bases. For a skin base, read on and start from the next step.

lace release


How to remove your hair system

It is easier to start removing your hair system from the back and not from the front hairline. It is also recommended to avoid any pulling or stretching to the base and to be gentle with it.

Step 1: Firstly, locate the back edge. Find the center edge of your hair system. Once you find the edge begin by gently separating the hair system from your own hair.


Step 2: Next, release the back edge as you gently pull the system's hair up.  Spray a few pumps of adhesive remover under the back edge of the system. Make sure to spray upwards so it penetrates under the edge (this will begin to release the system from your scalp).


Step 3: After a few seconds gently tug on the hair system until it begins to release. Hold the edge of the base and begin to lift it away from your scalp. Spray more adhesive remover under the base where necessary as you gently pull it away from your scalp. Repeat this process until the hair system is completely removed. Remember to not rush this process, if you do it can irritate your skin and damage the base.

When you remove your hair system, please make sure to use adhesive remover instead of peeling the base off directly because it might rip the base off or hurt your scalp. Also, please do a allergy test before you spray the adhesive remover onto the scalp. You can spray a bit on the skin behind your ear to see whether any reactions. If no in 15-20 minutes, than you can use it. 

After the hair system is removed, you can use C-22 Adhesive remover to remove the residue on your scalp and the base. This can facilitate our next use and avoid damage to our hair system due to residue.

adhesive remover

This is the correct process of a hair system removal. If you have any questions regarding how to remove your hair system properly, please feel free to contact us at and our hair system experts will be more than happy to help you out.


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