Detailed Instructions about Hair System Removal, Cleaning and Reattachment

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We suggest that you remove, clean and reattach your hair system every two weeks in order to keep it always in a good condition. To save money from doing this in a salon, today we are teaching you how to do these at home yourself. Once you have managed all the skills, you will save a lot money.


Remove the hair system

Before you remove the hair system, spray lace release from the hair side through the lace base to the places that you used tapes or glues on the base or scalp.

If you are wearing a full skin base, you can start from the back. Find the back edge of the system, and start to spray lace release while you are gently peeling the base up.  Click here to get the Lace Release remover.

lace release

After spraying, let it absorb for a minute and then it will break the bond very easily. Then you can just gently peel the system off leaving the tapes or glue on your head.


Remove the Tape or Glue Residue off Your Head

When the whole system is off, you're gonna have a little bit of glue residue on your head. Now you need to remove it from your scalp and the best product to use to remove that is called C-22.

adhesive remover

What you do is simply spraying it all over your head carefully not to get it in your eyes. Then you just massage it in to the glue residue. Let it soak in for a little bit. Then you can use shampoo in the shower and let the water run off your top of your head. When you do this, keep your eyes closed because it does sting a little bit.  If there is still any residue, just keep on spraying the C22 and keep shampooing it. Eventually it will come off.


Clean the Hair System Base

A lot of guys leave the system on for four weeks or even longer and then the cleanup will be much more difficult. Also there is a chance that the glue will penetrate through the lace base into the hair which will make the cleaning work much harder.

If you take it off every two weeks, then the clean up will be a lot easier. The glue is much easier to be got out.

To get out the glue, you can use cotton balls onto the base and gently rub off the glue.


Reattach the Hair System

Next step would be applying the hair system using tapes or glue. Below is video that Nate is showing you how to apply tapes and glue and attach the hair system.


When you apply the hair system, if you are not very experienced, you might find it difficult to apply it onto the right place one time. However, when it is attached on the head, it is not easy for you to take it off then. So here is a product that can help in this situation and it is called positioning spray.

You can use it on tapes and on glue. When you apply the positioning spray onto the tape or glue, they are not that sticky for about dozens of seconds, so it gives you enough time to adjust the position to apply the hair system into the right place and it will look nice.

positioning spray

These are the important steps when you wear a hair system. If you have other questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at We are very willing to help you.


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