How to Remove a Hair System: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you're looking for a hair system or you need a new hair system, I recommend Lavivid. Check them out at So, today I'm going to remove my hair system, but I'm going to do it the right way. What's the right way? Let's find out next.

So, I've made a lot of mistakes on my journey of wearing hair systems. We all have, guys, let's be real. None of us are angels. It's all part of the learning process. That's why I'm making this video. I've been wearing hair systems for almost five years now, and in those five years, I've learned a thing or two about being more careful, more professional when removing a hair hair system. For this purpose, for this video, I'm wearing an ultra-thin skin because this is one of the most delicate ones. This is one of the ones that's the easiest to tear when you're pulling it off. I say pulling; I'm going to say removing. Pulling sounds quite aggressive when removing a hair system.

Now, many of you would have seen my video where I literally tear off a hair system. It was a parody video, guys. I wouldn't recommend you ever do that with any of the thinner bases. So, I'm talking Swiss lace, I'm talking ultra-thin skins, and even French lace. As I said, that hair system was coming towards the end of its lifespan. I think it might have even been a German lace as well, which is more robust than a French lace. Please don't do that. But do use an adhesive remover. This is C22 Solvent Remover l. I always use this one. You don't have to; you can use any one you want. There are so many on the market. They're on Amazon, they're on Holistique, Hair by MHC. Curtis, I think he sells some of these. So please, always do use this.

Now, let me give you some context. I've been wearing this about two weeks, so it's coming to the end. It needs to be removed, it needs to be cleaned. You'll notice when the hair starts getting a bit itchier because bio hair is growing through, but also you'll find some loosening, you'll find some loosening between the hair system and the scalp. I've got a little bit here. Incredibly, there have been no lifts in the two weeks I've been using Ghost Bond. And I usually get a lift after about one or two weeks. I'm doing good. Yeah, let's do this. I always start from the front. Now, please, please go slowly. This is not a race, think 'The Tortoise and the Hare' analogy. Just use that, you know, because at the end of the day, the slower you go, the more careful you can be. Don't make it a race, okay? Always start from the front.

 Ghost Bond

So, I can see there's a little bit of a lift there, just a little bit. So, I'm just going to spray and I usually leave that there. I rub it in. It's a bit harder with a poly because the adhesive remover can't get through a poly, whereas it can get through a lace. So, you just want to rub it up against the base, and it should start coming loose. Okay, leave it there for a few seconds and then decide which way you're going to go. I usually start on one side and work my way back, and then I sort of work my way around. It's actually coming off quite nicely. But make sure you're careful with it. You do usually as well, especially with tape, you can get points in the hair system that just stick a bit more tightly to the skin. I've never known why that is, and you've got to be really careful with those bits. You have to go even slower.

Just rub that in, and then, a bit tighter around there. But can you see how gently I'm going with this? I'm not taking any risks because this is a thin base, and we don't want to, in any way, risk tearing the base. And this is why I wanted to go with one of the thinner bases. Now, here you can see it's already lifted. So, this is where the lift was before. So, this is easy, this bit. So, I spray it in the middle, let that blend in, and give it a nice rub. It smells really nice as well. This is kind of like a citrusy smell. I don't know whether that actually helps with loosening the adhesion or not, but it does smell quite nice. It's also alcohol-free, and I hate having any alcohol near a hair system.

The thing is as well, when you use glue, like I have been for the past month, I apply it across the whole sort of top of the scalp, so there's more that you have to remove. With tape, you can sort of go around the perimeter, sometimes down the middle, but yeah, let's see how we're getting on. By using a mirror..That bit's really loose, actually, on that side. It's a bit tougher on the other side. You need to remember as well, sweat will affect your bond. If you sweat a lot, your bond won't last as long. Really important to remember. So, if you go to the gym or a sauna, you'll probably not get as long with your bond. I'm just rubbing that in, and it's just doing the magic, it's just doing the work.

Now, I'm not even sure I'd need to use... Let's see if we come across any more roadblocks at the back, because I can actually feel it coming off quite easily now. It's a bit tight there. Usually at the back, you'll find the bond is tighter because that's where you sleep. You sleep with the back of your head on a pillow, silk pillow, guys, remember that. But you're resting your head for at least eight hours a night or seven hours a night on that pillow. So, that's pretty rare. Most of this stuff is required.

So, I've given that a couple of layers. Let's leave it for a little bit. We'll rub it in like so. I can actually feel my bio hair coming through. It's a real... It's a little bit tricky when you've got the bio hair growing through, you know, because your scalp gets more itchy because the bio hair is pushing up against the adhesive and against the hair system. So, you will notice more discomfort, naturally. And also, at the back, you will notice that the bond is tighter. But we're so close, guys. That is really coming off quite nicely now that I've rubbed in that adhesive remover.

There we go, and there we go off. That took a couple of minutes, and that was being super careful. That's probably the most careful I've ever been when removing a hair system, because I wanted to show you the importance of being careful, especially with an ultra-thin skin. Okay, let's put that down somewhere. Okay, now your hand's going to be a bit sticky, whether you use tape or glue. So, I always just dry my hands because with the adhesive remover, it makes your hands super slippery. Because that's its job, that's what it's meant to do.

Just dry your hands and that kind of thing. And that's it, guys. Okay, so let's go over the really important bits. Be the tortoise, not the hare. Go nice and slow. Go slower than you feel like you need to go. Be ultra-cautious. Make sure that you use an adhesive remover. This is key. Don't just pull it off. You might be able to get away; you probably would be able to get away with it if it's German lace or a monofilament, maybe even a French lace or a really thick poly that's over a millimeter in thickness. Anything less than that, always use an adhesive remover.

Also, remember with the thicker bases, if you do want to pull off, it will hurt your scalp, it will be sore. There will be some redness, so bear that in mind as well. One last thing I would say is, now you will have quite a lot of adhesive, either tape or glue, on your scalp. It'll also be on the base of the hair system. I'd always encourage you to have a long shower after this and get loads of shampoo and loads of conditioner into your scalp and your bio hair. I've done a ton of other tutorials which are based in and around my wonderful bathroom where I do cleaning, shampooing, all of those kinds of things. I hope you found that tutorial useful, guys. Please be careful, please be sensitive around the hair system, treat it like a piece of jewelry. Take care. Till next time, bye for now.


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