How to Deal with the Hair Thinning at the Crown?

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Suffering from hair thinning at crown is not one of the best feelings that you would like to experience during your lifetime. Even if it's not painful, hair loss at the top of the scalp looks not very good and can affect your self-esteem and confidence. Though there are plenty of remedies you can fight this issue by, the best way is to prevent it from happening. Here are some simple tricks that will help you avoid this condition and keep your hair healthy.

1. Stop washing your hair in a wrong way

This trick is simple. You even don't have to do anything, rather just save your time. When washing your hair, try to avoid shampooing and rubbing your hair ends. It would be enough to pour shampoo only on the scalp. The ends will clean by themselves when you rinse the scalp. If you ask why are you supposed to do it? Well, ends are more fragile than the rest of the hair shaft, and the chemicals from the shampoo can dry them, making them even weaker and easy to break. Also, if you don't wash your ends, there is a lower risk of them getting tangled, which reduces the need to brush them.

2. Avoid excess brushing  

Speaking of brushing, doing this activity often can also increase the risk of hair thinning at the crown. How? Brushing oftentimes involves aggressive pulling that exerts a big pressure on your hair fibers. Frequent brushing makes the hair weaker and weaker at its foundation until it may decide to give up and break. You are usually recommended to use a brush with soft bristles that would have a little impact on your scalp and prevent thinning.

3. Give heat styling a secondary role

This tip also requires no effort from you, but it is a little step towards minimizing the risk of crown hair loss. All you have to do is to forget for a while about your heat styling devices. While giving you the desired hairstyle, straighteners and curlers affect your hair if used excessively. Heat removes moisture from hair fibers, making them dry and brittle, which ultimately leads to thinning. If you are a fan of heat styling, you have to go over yourself and give heat devices a secondary role in your hair care routine. You can try alternative hairstyles that don't involve much use of heat.

4. Remain devoted to your natural hair color

Another styling procedure that has to be minimized is dyeing. You are better off proving loyal to your natural hair color and avoiding coloring it often. If you do so, the chemicals containing the dye agent may destroy the natural pigment, making your hair more vulnerable to falling out. 

5. Make water into your biggest ally

What can be easier than drinking water? It is a daily habit that not only helps you chase thirst away, but also keep your body healthy. Your hair will also benefit a lot from the large amount of water that you drink every day. It will help your hair stay hydrated and resistant to breakage. To ensure that water is enough for all body parts, you need to drink 4 to 8 cups a day.

6. Install a water filter

While water can be your ally in preventing crown thinning, it can also be your enemy facilitating hair loss. Tap water contains chlorine and other harsh elements that dry your hair, making it rigid and brittle. You would want to install a water filter in your shower to ensure that your hair washing is safe.  

7. Eat iron-rich foods

One of the main causes of thinning hair is follicles that lack iron and can't give enough support to hair. To prevent an iron deficiency, you are recommended to include iron-rich foods in your diet, such as beef, fish, beans, spinach and broccoli.

To conclude, there are incredibly easy ways out there that can help you prevent hair thinning at the crown, including avoiding washing hair ends, less brushing, giving up on heat styling, drinking much water, using a water filter, and eating iron-rich food. All these steps require no effort from you. All you need to have is just a strong desire to keep your hair and body healthy.  


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