Some Tips on Picking the Right Hair Density When You Buy A Hair System

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What does Hair Density mean? 

Your hair density refers to how many strands of hair grow per square inch of your scalp, while the hair density of a hair system refers to the amount of hair that is ventilated onto the base of a hair system. 

When choosing a hair system online, there are many different options for hair density. Which one should I choose that can look natural on me? Read on to find out.

Hair System Density Options 

Hair systems come in a line of densities. You can get these generally from extra light (60%), light (80%), light to medium (100%), medium (130%), medium to heavy (150%), and heavy (180%). Most people who will be getting a hair system are going to fall somewhere between light to medium (100%) into the medium (130%) range. It's really important to get the right density hair system. If it is very off, it will definitely not look correct. There is wiggle room you can probably go a little bit lighter than your natural hair. You can go a little bit heavier than your natural hair, but if it is completely on other sides of this spectrum, it's going to be a very noticeable thing.

Consider Your Age

The next factor to consider is actually Age. Age is really important to consider because as we progress through our life, almost all men do lose some hair. The density of their hair decreases if you look at men in their sixties, seventies, eighties, you'll see that there's less hair than someone who was a teenager or a man in his twenties. 

It's a general kind of rule. If you are on the older spectrum of age, that's your hair is going to be a bit lighter, you may be in the extra light (60%) to the light (80%) range. If you're a young person in his twenties and you had pretty thick hair to start with, you're probably somewhere in the light to medium (100%) to medium (130%) range. However, if you always had lighter hair, if you always had less dense hair, try to go closer to the light to medium (100%) to the light (80%) range, go a little bit lighter. It's very easy to get greedy when we first get a hair system and think we want all the hair in the world. But sometimes a subtler look is better.

Effect Density Age
Extra Light 50% Over 60
Light 80% 46-60
Light to Medium 100% 25-45
Medium 130% Up to 25
Medium to Heavy 150% Up to 20
Heavy 180% Very few


Consider the Density of Existing Hair

For people who are experiencing male pattern baldness, it is quite common to see they have no hair on the top of the head but still have thick hair on the sides and back. In this case, you can choose a density that will blend in with your existing hair. 

Consider the Base Type

Different bases can carry different amounts of hair. The most delicate lace base or super thin skin base can only hold a light (80%) to medium light (100%) density, whereas a mono, silk base can hold a medium (130%) to heavy (180%) density hair. This is how density works for stock hair systems. 

We can make different densities with different bases, however, there is a general rule that thick hair goes with thick bases. While thick bases cannot go with light densities hair because the base will be noticeable if the hair is thin. 

So if you are looking for a light density, then you have to go with a comparative delicate and thin base that has a comparatively short lifespan but also can offer you a transparent and natural looking appearance. On the other hand, if you are looking for high-density hair, then the base has to be thick enough to hold that amount of hair.


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