The Guide of Performing Mens Hair Piece Installation Properly

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Mens hair piece installation is a procedure that requires much responsibility and accuracy. The way you attach your wig determines whether people will perceive your new look as funny or stylish. With so much at stake, you want to install your hair piece correctly so that it stays on the scalp evenly and doesn't slide around. In this article, you find two guidelines on male wig attachment both onto the hairy scalp and bald scalp. 

Hairy scalp wig installation    

Step 1. Preparation

Scalp preparation comes always first as you want your wig to adhere well and not fall the next day. Since men's natural hair is shorter than women's, you will not have so much headache with preparing the existing hair to be covered with a wig. However, some work has to be done. Run a tiny piece of cloth damp with alcohol across the hairline to remove oils and impurities that may lead to a poor adherence of the wig edge to the scalp, which will lead to an incredibly ugly appearance. Then, apply some scalp protector on the borders of the scalp to prevent sensitive skin from irritations.

Step 2. Apply a wig cap

This step is not mandatory in mens hair piece installation and it's you who decides whether to put it into place or not. A wig cap is primarily used by women with long and dense hair to compress as much as possible their existing hair so that it doesn't interfere with the installation of the wig. Still, the cap is also a way to mask the existing hair and provide a natural looking hairline. So if you are worried about an unaesthetic hairline, you can play cautiously and use a skin-toned cap. 

Step 3. Spread the glue

Dip a make-up brush into your liquid glue and apply it across your front and back hairline. Stay with a thin layer of adhesive, as too much will burst out when pressing the wig, making you waste time on cleaning the excess product. Let the glue sit for around 15 minutes. When it gets tacky, you are free to apply the wig.   

Step 4. Attach the wig

Once the glue turns sticky and tacky, grab your wig, placing your hands at the temple areas of the wig. First, attach the hair piece to the front hairline. Then, lay the wig down on the rest of the head. For a better hold, press the wig with your fingers repeatedly. Then, use a brush with solid metal teeth to press the front edges of the wig in place.


Bald scalp wig installation

Step 1. Prepare the scalp

First things first, treat the scalp with alcohol to remove impurities and make sure there are no uneven surfaces that compromise the good adherence of the hair system. You are also good to apply some scalp protector, once the alcohol dries out, to prevent itchy skin and irritations.   

Step 2. Apply the adhesive

Use a big make-up brush to spread the glue on the scalp. Apply a thin coat to prevent bumps that the excess solid glue can create. Wait for around 15 minutes for the glue to get tacky. If you are in a rush, use a blow dryer for 30 seconds to bring the glue to the needed condition. Since the area to attach the wig is large, you can apply another coat of glue to strengthen the hold.

Step 3. Put on the wig

The final step is wig application. Take the wig with the fingers holding the front sides and bring it to the head. Lay down first the front part, regulating the edge line so that it looks nice and even. Then, pull the wig on the rest of the head. Make a point of pressing the wig in each of the main 4 areas of the scalp: front, crown, sides and back. This will ensure the glue firmly adheres to the wig, completely immobilizing it.

Bottom line   

To carry out the mens hair piece installation properly, you need to be extremely patient, responsible and accurate. It isn't that difficult if you follow the instructions and perform each step to the finest detail. If you stick to the guidelines till the end, you will get a stylish and attractive look that will turn women's heads on the street. 


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