What Is The Jon Snow Wig?

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You can have a Jon snow wig. The following sections tell how to put such a custom hair piece together. This wig can look natural; like the hair is growing out of your scalp.

In-Stock Hair Replacement (we do not have a Jon snow wig in stock):

Looking at the pre-made wigs can help you create your custom hair piece. LaVivid Hair has many replacement wigs available, composed of different base parts and in many different hair colors. Look at the pre-made hair pieces by visiting https://www.lavividhair.com/ and selecting "toupee" from the horizontal menu.

A Custom Toupee (wig):

You can have your desired custom wig made for you by selecting from the different components (see the "making the .... wig" section below for selections for the Jon snow wig) that are used to make up a hair piece. You can send in an existing toupee or template (if you have one) and we can make your custom hair piece for you based on your toupee or template's size and shape. Your custom wig will be designed by selecting first a base and then the hair to be woven into the base.

Hair System Base (for the toupee):

base type

The base can be made of:

Swiss Transparent Lace - the most delicate and softest material for the base; it provides for the most natural hair movement. Breathable French Lace - strong and durable; offers the most natural front hairline. French lace is often combined with other kinds of base to make use of their different qualities.Polyskin - looks and feels like your own skin. It can blend in with your own skin and gives the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp. Fine Monofilament - thicker and stronger than either lace or skin, and can carry medium to thick hair. Also, it lasts longer than either lace or skin bases. Silk - results in the most natural and scalp-looking hairline. Knots in the hair are 100% invisible, giving the impression that the hair is growing out of the scalp.

It should be noted that different types of bases are often used in different parts of the overall base unit because of types' differing qualities. This increases the complexity in designing a hair system, but can result in a more satisfying wig.

Hair for the Base (to complete the toupee):

Hair, which will be knotted to the base, is selected based on source, color, fiber, waviness, density, and texture. Knotting the hair to the base is a very labor-intensive process and very important.

Making the Jon snow wig

From what was learned above, one can see how to make your custom Jon snow wig (view pictures of the wig). You probably want the base to be of fine monofilament because it can accept dense hair and is a thicker and stronger base. The human hair selected will probably want to be from India, long, black, curvy, and fairly dense. The long hair can curl down over the user's head, completely covering up any short, existing hair.

A template of the user's hair would be very helpful for making the base. If you don't have a hair system template, this video will show you how to create one. If you have baldness and want to design your special wig as much as possible by yourself, LaVivid Hair will need a template of your baldness to make the base. This video will show you how to make this template (about 3/4 of the way through the video).

About Fitting Custom Wigs:

You can make use of LaVivid Hair's expertise and products via the internet. If you have an existing hair system, you can send a template and have us make the custom hair piece for you. Then, when the new hair system arrives, you can take it to your local hair stylist and have that person do the final installation.

Your hair stylist will fit the custom hairpiece to your head, and adapt it to your personal needs. With a little practice, you will feel confident in attaching the hairpiece by yourself with just a mirror (and perhaps some scalp preparation, which LaVivid Hair carries).

In Creating Your Custom Wig:

LaVivid Hair has a number of videos available on YouTube which can help you design your custom hair piece. This video (sponsored by LaVivid Hair) explains the process in simple terms. If you have any questions about the custom wig, welcome to consult support@lavividhair.com, our experts will help you solve the problem.


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