The Guide to Highlight Hair at Home

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Highlighting your hair by yourself can be a hard task, so if you decide to do so, you need to start by consulting a hairstylist or doing a "how to highlight hair at home" online search for detailed tutorials. There are many things that can go wrong with homemade highlighting. This is why doing your research and sticking to a step-by-step guideline is crucial in getting good end results. Here are the most important steps you need to take to ensure that your highlights are as amazing as you expected.

Step 1. Prepare your hair in advance

Highlighting can be a pretty stressful event for your hair. This is why you have to ensure it comes to the color day fully prepared. For that, consider switching from a regular conditioner to a nutrient-rich conditioner weeks before highlighting. Also, heavily use moisturizers to make sure that your hair is hydrated properly and has good communication with the dye agent. 

Step 2. Choose the equipment properly

While you can buy the dye powder and developer separately and mix them to your liking, you are strongly recommended not to do so, because you can fail with ratios and get an awfully-looking hair color in the end. As long as you are an amateur, it is reasonable to choose the safe path and buy a bleach kit based on a pre-fixed formula where everything is quantitatively balanced so you don't have to venture out in meaningless guessing.

Highlighting kits also contain other essentials, like mixing bowls, brushes and gloves. Some kits come only with one brush. Still, you have to ensure you have two on you before starting the coloring. These are the stirring brush and the dyeing comb with a sharp tip that not only spreads the highlighting agent but also helps separate the dreads you need to lighten.

Step 3. Do the patch and strand tests

Well, before beginning to highlight, you have to do some safety tests. The strand test involves dyeing one or two strands and seeing what color it turns to and which point along the length of the shaft it lifts to. If you are satisfied with the result, you can move on dyeing the rest of the strands, not before seeing the results of the second test which actually takes place concomitantly with the strand test. Patch test is made to know if you are allergic to any of the formula's ingredients. If after the test dyeing, you experience no allergic reactions, you get green light to color more strands.

Step 4. Part the hair into sections

To make your job easier, separate the hair into several sections using a comb or your fingers. Then, clip the bunches to prevent hair from escaping. This will help you manage the hair strands easier, add precision and keep dyed fibers from touching base color fibers.

Step 5. Apply the dye like a professional

Once you have clipped the sections, and have prepared the dye formula as directed, you can proceed with highlighting. Move the brush from the middle of the shaft to its bottom and try your best to avoid contact with the roots, as the lightening agent can damage them and make them weaker. Once you finish dyeing the needed number of strands from a bunch, release the clip and move on to the next bunch.

To ensure that the strands get soaked with the bleach, saturate the brush with much dye and press it into the hair. You can also use your gloved hands to push the formula into the hair. If you just caress the strands with the brush, the color will soon fade out. This is why be bolder and apply more pressure to get longer-lasting highlights.

Step 6. Set the clock for a timely bleach removal   

Never rely on your own senses and observations, rather consult the instructions to get the exact amount of time the lightening agent needs to sit on the hair to reach the desired hue. You are better off setting the clock to remove the bleach in time and avoid hair damage and exaggerated lightening.

All in all, highlighting hair at home is a tedious task that requires much skill, precision and patience and comes with many risks. This is why it is always reasonable to consult a hairstylist for more useful information and follow the hair color kit instructions and guidelines strictly. 

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