Some Tips on How to Glue Hair Piece for Men

June 01, 2021 Blog Views: 3970

To glue hair piece for men, we need to use adhesives or tape. Some people find it hard to apply a hair replacement unit for men themselves at home. Today, we introduce how to glue the hairpiece by using liquid adhesives or tapes so that you can do the application with more ease. 

As we know, hair replacement systems are an ideal option for men to solve the problem of hair loss. Compared to take the hair transplant surgery and wear a wig, hair toupees have many advantages. Correctly applying a hair system for men to your head may require using some techniques. Improper application of a toupee may cause bad wearing effects, damage to the hairpiece, and hurt to your skin. 

Therefore, to make the application process smooth and easier, we introduce how to glue the hairpiece to your head in detailed steps. There are two common types of instruments used to glue the hair unit. One is the liquid adhesive. Another is the tape. 

How to glue the hair system for men by using liquid adhesive

Liquid adhesive usually has a stronger bonding effect than tape. It is also harder to use than the tape. It is hard to control how much amount of adhesive you need to pour down on the hair base. You can prepare a spoon to make sure that you will not pour too much of it directly on the base. 

There are many types of liquid adhesive. If you have sensitive skin, you should carefully pick up the one that is mild to human skin. Also, if you sweat a lot, you need to choose glue that is thin yet sticky. 

The first step you need to do is to shave the rest of your top hair off and wash your scalp clean. In this condition, you can have a clear view of your hairline instead of a messy one. This step is important. Whether the scalp is kept in a good condition will affect the result of the application. 

Before you apply the toupee, you can apply a layer of skin protector so that you will feel less discomfort and better adherence. You can use an eyebrow pencil to draw a rough line on your head, so you can attach the unit precisely. Then, you can apply a thin layer of the adhesive on your scalp around the hairline. 

You can use a brush to spread the liquid evenly on your head. You can also add another layer onto the first one until it is dried if the adhesive is very thin. Wait for a few minutes when the layer feels sticky, you can apply the male hair toupee. Carefully put it in the right position and gently press every edge until it combines with the glue seamlessly. 

The whole process may be a bit intimidating, so you need to be patient and practice more. Then, let the hair unit for men be dried thoroughly. It may look a bit unnatural when you wear a hair system for the first time. Don’t worry, it is normal. Wait until the adhesive is completely dried, then you can adjust the hair toupee for men and style it as you like. 

How to glue hair piece for men by using tapes

Using tapes to apply and remove a hair unit is much easier and simpler. Choose the right tape is significant. You can have a look at Lavivid’s website. We provide a wide range of hair toupee tapes suitable to apply to most hair systems. 

You can just repeat the steps before using the liquid adhesives. When your scalp is prepared, you can cut the tape into the proper size and apply it around your head. Then, cut a long strip and apply it to the middle connecting the front and back. If you are afraid that the hairpiece cannot be attached to your head firmly, you can pour some liquid adhesive on the blank space. 


We have introduced how to glue hair piece for men by using liquid adhesive or tapes. If you want to purchase well-bonding glues, you can have a look at our products at Lavivid. Our products are reliable and of high quality.


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