The Guide to Treat with Thinning Crown Male

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If you never heard about thinning crown male, you have a healthy hair, most probably. This issue occurs when the hair at the crown starts falling down, making the crown area balder in time. Luckily, hair thinning is not an incurable disease, and it is possible to reverse the process of hair loss if addressing the issue on time. Medication and a healthy diet can help regain the hair. However, in case you have lost too much hair, and making it grow again is impossible, you have the chance to cope with crown thinning by wearing a hair system.

What causes a thinning crown?

A thinning crown occurs during a shortage of iron in the body. Iron is a component found in the follicles that makes them sturdy and durable, allowing them to grow new hair. When an iron anemia occurs, the follicles get weak and sensitive, and they can't grow new hair fibers, which results in hair thinning in the middle part of the scalp or baldness if the condition is not treated on time.

Medications also can cause a thinning crown male. While medications deal excellently with serious diseases, some of them have side effects that affect hair growth. These include: anticoagulant and antifungal drugs, as well as medicines with a high concentration of Vitamin A. Scalp infections are also a trigger of hair loss at the crown. The bacteria penetrate the scalp, reaching the follicles and damaging them so that they can't generate new hair growth.

Moreover, crown thinning can be also triggered by over-styling. If men use too many styling products or dye the hair too often, the chemicals can damage the cells beneath the scalp and interfere with the process of hair growth, causing hair thinning that grows steadily into baldness.

How to prevent thinning crown male?

Before having to undergo a hair loss treatment, you are better off taking some simple steps to prevent the thinning hair. First of all, you have to include iron-rich food in your diet to strengthen the follicles and encourage constant hair growth. Also, you must avoid using in excess styling products, and, in general, avoid using hair shampoos, conditioners and other hair products that contain harsh chemicals.

Also, try not to abuse of medications that have a negative impact on the follicles' health. If their intake is vital, though, try to compensate for the negative side effects by eating much iron-rich food.

Ways to fight thinning hair

If you notice the first signs of hair thinning on your scalp crown, you must take immediate action to prevent going bald. One way to fight a thinning crown male is using essential oils, such as lavender, that you have to apply on the crown. The essential oil penetrates the skin, stimulating follicles and nourishing hair fibers that grow slow, promoting their growth and making them durable.

Minoxidil is also a way to deal with thinning hair. Washing your hair twice a day with a shampoo containing a high dose of minoxidil will help reverse the hair loss process and stimulate new hair growth.

Is wearing a hair system a way out?

If hair thinning has gone too far and the crown baldness is visible, you might have to consider wearing a hair system. As the bald area in this situation is limited, the best choice for you would be a topper, which is a small hairpiece that is applied on a baldness affected area to compensate for the missing hair. The application of a topper is not difficult and it can be carried out using several bonding methods.

Generally, the topper is secured on the scalp using clips. However, clips do not provide always a stronghold, and they need to be combined with an adhesive or liner tapes. If you want to buy a high-quality and durable topper for your crown thinning, and adhesive for a secure bonding, you can do it on [], which is a reputed supplier of hair system replacement and maintenance services.

You get access to a rich collection of hairpieces made to suit your needs and be a stylish element of your appearance. You can even customize your topper to ensure that it blends perfectly with your hair and looks natural.


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