The Way to Fight Receding Hairline Man Bun Efficiently

January 7, 2021

If you are fighting with a receding hairline man bun, taking immediate action is indispensable. The hair loss may become more intense and even lead to large-scale baldness. In this article, we will talk you through medical and non-medical methods you can combat frontal hair loss bun condition.

1. Avoid making the bun too tight

We would like to begin with simple steps that cost nothing to be done. It would be perfect if you give up on your bun wearing tradition. However, if it has already become a part of your lifestyle, you may find it hard to switch to another hairstyle. That’s why our first advice is to make the bun-less tight than you usually do it. You can loosen it a bit to reduce tension on shafts while keeping the hairstyle as slick and cool as it would be if pulling on the hair with much vigor. You need to understand that brutal pulling is not that important in achieving a perfect-looking bun. You can make it so by using moderate force as well. 

2. Antibiotics   

If speaking of medical methods of combating receding hairline man bun, antibiotics are the foremost drug you should look for. When you pull the hair into a bun, you create extreme tension on the hairline shafts, leading to the breakage of most of them. Each breakage entails an open scar on the scalp that can become a favorable ground for infections. If you notice signs of receding hairline, you want to start taking antibiotics to prevent infections. Alternatively, you can use antifungal shampoos that stop fungi from breeding in open scars while not hurting the sore scalp. 

3. Topical steroids

If you experience frontal hair loss man bun, you would also like to use topical steroids to address the condition. They are designed to remove swelling around the open scars as well as reduce redness which makes your scalp look embarrassing. You are recommended to apply the cream or ointment using a gentle massage motion to avoid hurting the scalp even more. It is important to mention that antibiotics and topical steroids are not hair growth remedies. They are just drugs that aim at protecting the sore scalp against infection and minimizing the aesthetic consequences caused by scars.

4. Rogaine

The medicine in charge of stimulating hair regrowth is Rogaine. If you are lucky enough not to have pulled the hair fibers out together with the follicles, you can use this preparation to get your hair back on your scalp. You have to apply Rogaine every day for a better result. Also, you have to apply it directly on the scalp so that it reaches the follicles faster.   

5. Biotin supplements

Another drug that may help in fighting receding hairline man bun is biotin supplements. You can take them both during the hair loss process or before starting wearing your hair in a bun, as a preventive measure. It has a role in strengthening the hair shafts so that they become less susceptible to breakage. The stronger your hair, the higher tension it can withstand. If you are aware that you have weak and fragile hair, you are better off taking biotin supplements before adopting the bun hairstyle. It will minimize hair loss, reduce pain and allow you to enjoy your beloved hairstyle for longer. 

6. Wig

If you already experience intense receding hairline or your hair is too sensitive to make it into a bun, your best bet is to wear a wig. By doing so, you keep your hairline intact while still being able to enjoy your favorite hairstyle. Trying a bun on a wig is not that dangerous, as you can pull on the hair with as much vigor as you want without experiencing pain and not damaging your scalp. 

On the whole, you can fight receding hairline man bun in many ways. The easiest thing you can do is to avoid making the bun excessively tight which will release the tension on the hairline shafts. You can also use a range of medicines such as rogaine for growing new hair, biotin for strengthening the hair, topical steroids for removing the inflammation and antibiotics for preventing infections. Wearing a wig may also help prevent hair loss and pain caused by pulling up the hair into a bun.