Tips on How to Do the Non Surgical Hair Replacement Training

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Professional hairdressers receive non surgical hair replacement training. Therefore, replacing a hair unit is not a difficult task for them. For people unfamiliar with the job, however, application of the product is not that easy. Thus, we share the steps of attaching a toupee so that you can practice attaching and removing it at home without external help. 

After we buy a hair toupee, the next thing we need to do is to wear it. To properly apply a hair unit is not that easy. You can try to do the non surgical hair replacement training at home by yourself if you do not want to pay an extra fee for the professional to do the job for you. Here are the detailed steps of how to attach a hair toupee. 

Non-surgical hair replacement application steps

Step 1 Prepare your scalp clean and ready

If you have some hair on the top of your head, you can shave it off leaving the side and back parts of hair complete. If you need to shave your head, it is suggested to wash it as well. If not, you can use a wet towel to wipe your scalp, cleaning any residues of adhesives and dirt. 

A clean scalp is necessary for comfortable wearing and successful application. Besides, you can apply skin protection to the scalp so that the hair base is attached to the layer instead of directly touch your skin. Dry your scalp thoroughly and apply the waterproof sealant. When your scalp is clean and ready, we can go to the next step. 

Step 2 Add adhesive or tape to the hair base

If you are unfamiliar with the application of non-surgical hair replacement, it is suggested to buy tapes that are easier to use. The tape is not as strong as some liquid adhesives but it can also produce good bonding effects. 

Cut tapes into proper length and attach them onto the hair base. It is better to attach the tapes on the perimeter which is usually made of poly skin so that it is easier to tear off. You can use four strips of tape to attach to the base in a square shape. 

Step 3 Mark out the proper place on your head

To make the hair unit perfectly match your head, you can use a pencil to draw lines on your head so that you can put the hair system more precisely. Or you can spray a layer of alcohol-based formula on your scalp so that the hair base will not adhere to the skin immediately and you can adjust the hair system until it is in the right position. 

Step 4 Apply the hair unit

Peel the backing off and attach the hairpiece to the right place slowly and press every edge until the hair unit is glued to your head firmly. Wearing a hair replacement system is done. You can do hairstyles on the hair toupee as you like. 

How to remove a hair system?

After a day’s wearing, you can remove the hair toupee by peeling it off from the back with your fingers. Gently pull the system off. If the hair base is damaged, it cannot be used anymore. If the hair replacement is attached by liquid adhesives or the bonding effect is too strong, you need to use adhesive remover. 

If you still cannot master the tricks of applying and removing the product, you can go to the salon near you. Or if you buy toupees from Lavivid, you can consult our shop assistants or go to the salons we have cooperated with. We provide non surgical hair replacement training to their hairstylist aiming to improve the services offered to customers. 

Our partner salons are located in Canada, the UK, and the US. You can find their addresses and phone number on our official website. Welcome to lavividHair. Here you can find your longing products. 


Hair toupee application and removal are important processes, affecting the longevity of the hair system. Wearing a hair unit smoothly for the first time is a bit hard but practice and patience can improve your skills. You can do the non surgical hair replacement training by following the steps we tell you above.


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