Know More about Sudden Hair Loss in Men

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Sudden hair loss in men is as big a cause of worry as is in women. Hair is the crowning glory of women and this is something we all know. But, men too nowadays are extremely conscious about their hair. After all, the hair alone has the power to change your appearance in a big way, and thus, deserve enough attention.

If you are losing a few strands of hair every day then that is normal and you need not worry. However, if the hair fall is sudden and even a bit more than normal then you need to take immediate action. And what action do you need to take? If this is what you are now wondering then continue reading and discover your answer.

Start eating right to control hair fall

healthy diet

You have already lost more than a few strands and want to compromise no further, so, change your eating habits right away. Avoid unhealthy junk food and instead, start eating healthy as it can truly work wonders for your hair. Fish, soy, and lean meats contain lean protein which is great for your hair. Seeds and nuts are rich in healthy fats and vitamin E and offer your hair the oil that it requires to stay healthy and soft. You may even add cinnamon to your dishes as they offer essential nutrients and oxygen to your hair.

Vitamins can prevent sudden hair loss in men


Vitamin deficiency is one of the most important reasons behind excessive hair fall in men. If you want to prevent balding, make sure your daily diet meets your daily needs of vitamins. Vitamin A helps regulate retinoic acid synthesis in your hair follicles. Vitamin B is known to minimize stress levels (which can contribute to hair thinning). Vitamin C, D, and E also need to be consumed as they offer the important nutrients for your hair and your body.

Avoid tight hairstyles if you do not want to lose your precious hair

Men nowadays love sporting buns and other tight hairstyles without realizing that it is one of the common reasons behind sudden hair loss in men. Such hairstyles may result in what is called traction alopecia. This is a hair fall condition and occurs if your hair experiences extreme tension. A constant pulling is created which damages your hair follicles inevitably. During your younger days this may not seem too important, but the hairstyles that you now follow certainly can impact your hair quality later in life.

Learn to handle stress if you wish to control hair thinning

If you are suffering from hair thinning and think about it a bit too much then it results in great stress and hair loss will only grow further. High-stress levels may result in various hair loss conditions like trichotillomania, alopecia areata, and telogen effluvium. To avoid such conditions, you need to learn to manage stress by following techniques like daily exercise, deep breathing, and meditation.

Exercise regularly to prevent excessive hair fall

Exercising regularly is great for the body and this is something we all know. But, do you know it is equally good for your mane too? Exercise helps relieve stress wonderfully and also promotes circulation, which is great for your hair. There are also certain exercises that are more effective for your hair so you can start practicing them right away.

Control drinking and smoking to avoid damaging your hair

Smoking is injurious to health and too much drinking too can have a great negative impact on our bodies. But what you perhaps do not know is that these habits can be harmful to your hair as well. Smoking comes in way of proper blood flow to the hair follicles and excessive drinking results in nutritional deficiencies and dehydration. So, if you have either of these habits you need to give it up or at least control it considerably if you are concerned about your hair.

To Conclude –

Hair loss is such a problem that should not be neglected at all. If you do not treat it on time it can quickly lead to baldness and then growing natural hair on these spots can be very difficult. So, start following the above-given tips right from now and you should start noticing positive changes quite soon. However, if these suggestions do not work and you still experience extreme hair loss then consult a dermatologist without delay. Thanks for your reading.


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