Here I am going to show you how to clean lace on a wig in 30 minutes. Maybe this sounds a little bit difficult because washing the lace hair, drying it, and restyling it back takes a lot of steps and costs hours. But as you know, sometimes we just do not have the time. So, to save your time and make cleaning lace on the wig more efficient, I am about to share some tips on how to wash it quickly with you. 

Spray some alcohol

You can use a canvas block and a tile before working on how to clean lace on wig. The canvas block will be good as well as anything else you can find only for that. The alcohol you are using can be 70% but actually, the percentage doesn’t matter a lot to clean lace. You can put it into a spray bottle so you can spray it directly onto the lace. What you have to know is that you can usually work on the underside and don’t have to work hard because what you need is crunchy, which is why you should start on the side with the hair to try and loosen up the product and then move to the underside of the lace. 

Rub gently but firmly

It is 100% recommended that you can only do the underside of the lace because too much rubbing or too much friction on the hair on the lace will definitely make it bold and obviously you don’t want a ball closure frontal. You need to be gentle but still firm. So once the outside is loosened up you can move to the inside of the lace. And you should still be firm because you don’t want to be super rough when washing lace, so you just rub back and forth. Then you can go back and you can apply as much alcohol as you may need until all of it is gone and all of the gel or the hairspray.

Clean it in detail

After this, you still may have some product left in your hair. So here you are going to know how to get rid of it during learning how to clean lace on wig. You can take a mascara wand and spray alcohol on it and just grab some of the hair, especially at the front because that is usually where you have the extra little pieces and you can just gently comb them out. 

Use the hot comb

Once this is done, the way they are going to look a little bit rough but this just means it is time to reinstall it. What you have to know is that this isn’t something to do to skip washing it. You probably do this two to three times between washes and you don’t completely stop washing your waves of the lace wig. After that, it is always the hot comb. Before you use your hot comb or any type of heat, you want to make sure your is dry of alcohol. Typically the dry is pretty fast as long as you are not soaking it. But you do want to make sure the lace hair is completely dry before the heat. 

Style your hair

Then you can continue on to style it how you may like now. When you do your hair, you can hardly ever move your parts so the way you take a wig off is 9 times out of 10 the way you put it right back on. Once you are ready to style you can use the hot comb again and move on to the length of the hair. If it is straight hair, you don’t need to do much to it because it is already straight, but you can go over it again with your flat eye which can give your hair a nice sheen while also of course protecting it. 

Sometimes people who want to learn how to clean lace on a wig are easily stuck in the complicated steps and countless to-dos. This kind of way not only involves complex methods but also takes much time. If you really want to clean your wig lace easily and save time, you can take my methods above into consideration and I really wish it will help.