Tips for You to Clean A Poly Hair System with Tape Adhesive

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How do you go about cleaning your hair system? It depends on what type of hair system you have, meaning the base type and the type of adhesive you use, meaning either a tape or a liquid adhesive. There are some different ways that you clean your unit to make sure that they get all of the heat out of them and are ready for your next application. Now we're going to start out with talking about a Poly system and tape because that's what we use earlier in this course, we're also going to talk about how to clean a Poly system that has a liquid adhesive on it. We're also going to talk about how to remove liquid and tape adhesive from a lace unit. It's quite different and it's something that you have to be gentle with as to the fact that you do not want to pull hairs out through the back of the unit. 

How to Clean a Poly Hair System with Tape

This is a tape adhesive on a Poly unit. We're going to use a solvent in order to get our hair system off this one. I'm going to use a stronger solvent to make sure so I can get all of the tapes off of the bottom of this unit. You're going to need a solvent, some paper towels in order for clean up, and some cotton balls on the side in order to make sure that we are completely clear of adhesive and solvent off of your base. 

We're going to apply some solvent. So the first thing that I'd like to do is I'd like to feel around, and see if I can find somewhere that the tape is coming up a little bit and we're just going to spray right in this area.

Then let the solvent soak in everything now with this right here. Next, we're going to start healing it up. It may come off relatively easy and may come off a little bit more difficultly. It's different every time, and it depends on how much you have worn the unit, how much the bond has broken down. Now, this right here is a relatively fresh piece of tape. It's going to come off pretty easily because it hasn't had the same duration. It's been on the unit for a long time. Therefore, it's going to come off a lot easier. 

What happens when a glue tape is a little bit more aggressive, and you have to work out a little bit more. Something to know as you're doing this is that some hairs from the hair system may be getting caught in the tape or the adhesive. When that happens, all you really got to do is apply a little bit of solvent or isopropyl alcohol and simply move the hairs out of the way. Do not pull from the roots, grab them and pull them away from the adhesive. They tend to come out really easy, so you shouldn't be losing a lot of hair when you do this. 

So what do you do with all of this adhesive? Well, I'd like to store it on a paper towel. Just an easy way to take care of it, and put it aside. If you have worn this hair system for a long time and the tape breaks down, and it's going to be tougher to get it off. It's going to take a little bit more work since you're going to have to let the solvents it for a little bit longer. But don't worry too much about that. You can lose a lot of hair when you're taking up your adhesive, and that's never a good thing. So we want to try to preserve the hair as much as possible. Maintenance on a hair system can short in its life if you're not careful. So give yourself a little extra time. Don't be afraid. Put on audio or listen to some music and being very relaxed when you're doing this. 

If there is still tape residue left on the base from the adhesive that it had broken down. So what you would do is you would spray the residue, and work the cotton ball against a push into the Poly. Let the residue come up with the cotton ball, you'll see some of the cotton balls actually pull, and kind of attached to the adhesive on the other side of the unit. And when that happens, it means that is going to be very easy to take off, you need to grab that cotton ball piece, pull up, and grab it. What I'd like to do when I get all of the adhesive residues off if there is to go over it with solving just one more time and make sure that I get everything off. The reason that we do this is that if there's any adhesive residue, it's going to make the next adhesive that we put down weaker. And we want to make sure that we're cleaning these units as best as we can, start where the adhesive is going to be as good as possible. So this is in short, how you go about cleaning a Poly with tape.



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