Tips for Choosing the Ideal Men’s Lace Front Hair Piece System Tape

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Men's lace front hairpiece is becoming popular among men these days. With more men losing their hair at an early age, the need to find something to complement their looks has never been so important. But to get the right measurement, you need to have the right hair system tape. A lace front hair system is a human hair wig that gets connected to a lace base.

The full lace wigs and lace front are some of the latest creations in the hair replacement sector. The hair gets connected to the bow and gives it the impression that it is growing from the scalp. Many celebrities have used lace and lace wigs for a while now people are only beginning to notice. Before you fit your lace wig or full lace of men's frontal hairpiece, you need to choose the right size to give it the perfect look.

Tips to never forget

Here are a few tips you should never forget in this regard:

· Number one

The hardest part of maintaining your system is getting it cleaned. A lot of companies are rolling out solvents to help remove glue residue from the base of the hair system. The ideal way to get rid of this residue is to apply cotton. The moment the patch gets removed from the head, all you have to do is to roll the cotton to the base of the patch using your forefinger and thumb. Begin at the edges and work your way inside so as not to cause damage to the sensitive hair located around the capillary system's circumference.

What happens with the Men's lace front hairpiece is that the cotton gets stuck to the residue while leaving the bottom of the loop. Ensure you are firm but do not be too hard. Also, do not be in a haste and roll the residue. Make sure you do this before you wash the capillary system as this is best done when the system is dry. This whole process also lowers hair loss in the system thus prolonging the lifespan of the device.

· Extending the life of your hairline

You can extend the life of your hairline while also preventing the accumulation of fat or dirt which causes hair loss before the forehead. The moment the front loop is in the right place, and you are using a secure tape, there will be the accumulation of a line of dirt on the loop's edge. To avoid this situation, you need to use a daily maintenance strategy.

Note that four distinct materials get made for creating lace front hair system tape. Each of these materials come with their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Complete lace hair systems

This is a silk hair replacement system. The tip that gets used in these systems is very hard to see when it is on a front hairpiece for men. The hair gets knotted to the bow and seems to grow straight from the scalp.

Be sure that you will get a high-definition hairline as well as bleached knots aside from the invisible cross-stitch sections for increased durability. The ideal combination of lace, bleached knots, and the right transition density gives the perfect appearance in a lighted environment.

2. Capillary systems for the skin

This is sometimes known as the second skin membrane. The base of this membrane gets made of a thin gas-permeable membrane. One drawback is that it may not be sustainable, but it will give the best looks. Every strand of hair gets injected using the hand straight into the polyethylene skin after which it gets rolled up and fixed using a silicone layer.

What this process does is to lock the hair and create an impression that it comes straight from the scalp. If you are in search of more realism, you may choose one of the many colors which match your skin tone. This foundation often looks perfect with medium hair density.

3. Frontal hair system

These are ideal for men's lace front hairpiece customers who need natural hairline and some durability. If you need a natural hairline, this is the right foundation for you.

The lace front hair system tape may get used for natural hair lace. Also, more durable materials may get used for the remaining hair system. Hence, these hair systems are a combination of lace, leather, and other materials.

4. Capillary systems

These lace front hairpieces for men get made using ultra-thin nylon core using P.U., coating. The hair gets injected against the skin to create a beautiful hair end.

Final thoughts

Before you buy men's lace front hairpiece ensure to understand what the features are. You should only get one that suits your needs.


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