The Guide to Bleach Wig Knots?

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A question of how to bleach wig knots is often asked by the customer when he purchases the hairpiece. Many queries on using the hairpiece are common among customers. A majority of questions are answered only by specialists. Such a way bleaching the wig is also detailed by the customers in an exemplary way. The task of bleaching is very effective for hairline appearance. The hairline looks very bright and attractive after bleaching. An inexperienced person might not feel good about bleaching and hence it requires some practical skills of the customer.

How important is the bleaching task?


The task of knot bleaching is essential as far as the hairstylists are concerned. The importance of the task is known to only experienced customers and professionals in the industry. Whatever the wig type you choose such as lace front, skin, silk or monofilament, full lace wig, and face frontal types can undergo the process of bleaching. Many customers do the task of bleaching for looking natural and original. The undetectable appearance is considered inevitable for all balding people. Usually, natural colored hair that belongs to unprocessed hair wigs is selected for bleaching purposes. The unprocessed hair is often good and easy for the task of bleaching.

The basic method of bleaching -steps

The bleaching method does consist of several steps for the professional. The major step involved is the wig unit is pinned down by using the clips. The clips hold the wig unit tightly without any deviation. The second step involved in the mixing task of the customer. The bowl is taken in which the bleah powder is combined with the professional developer. These two ingredients are equally mixed, that is equal portions. Once you finish mixing these two ingredients in a bowl start stirring for some time.

Bleaching method -further steps

You can start applying the mixture that is obtained after mixing the two ingredients on the wig unit. Patiently, you need to apply the mixture for covering all the knots of the hairpiece. Use an aluminum foil for covering the bleached unit. This process is followed by the rinsing method effectively without any waiting time. Yes, the task is done in time for good results. Once you are finished with the above tasks, then wash the hairpiece and follow the conditioning of the hairpiece. Last but not least dry the bleached unit. The customers are advised using a dry towel instead of using the blow-drier.

Advantages of knot bleaching

The professionals always advise the customers on effectively bleaching the wig knots. If an amateur customer tries this task then he would not get the desirable results. Hence, a profession or an experienced customer should try this for tremendous results. The main advantage of the task is that the bleached hair toupee looks natural and none can recognize the duplicate product. The hair unit after bleaching gives the impression that it directly comes out of the scalp. Moreover, knot visibility is not seen after the task of bleaching the knots. It is advised that the bleaching task is not needed for the blonde type of hair units.

Pros and cons of bleaching hair systems

Mainly, the hairpiece gives seedy look to the onlooker after wearing the hair system due to the presence of knots. Even the dark color of the hairpiece turns and it gives the customers a light look. This feature makes the customer the wig to appear like real human hair. However, the regular bleaching process may have some disadvantages on the hairpiece. The task of bleaching affects the roots of the unit. As a result, the lifespan of the product gets reduced to a larger extent. You can also experience a major damaging effect on your hair unit.

Tips and care for bleaching knots

If you are new or inexperienced in the bleaching task of wig knots, then you have to consult a professional during the task. Never try the task bluntly because the result of the task will be disastrous. Follow the basic rules so that you can get the desirable results. Preparing the correct proportion mixture for the bleaching process is very important. You should be careful during the task so that the product does not get wasted.

A realistic appearance of the hair system to the wearer is inevitable after wearing.


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