The Use of Adhesive Solvent

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If you want to remove the adhesive from your hair system easily, you need an adhesive solvent. A solvent is based on a formula that helps detach the adhesive from your skin and wig, preparing it for the next wear. After removing the artificial hairpiece, its base has dry residues of adhesive that hinder a good binding at the next attachment. This is why treating the hair system with a solvent is extremely important. The following is what lavivid hair summarizes for you, what you must know about using the adhesive solvent.

Which hair systems do adhesive solvent work best with?

Generally speaking, each person who wears a toupee or hair base can use this product to remove the useless glue residues. It works great with lace, skin and poly and it is safe with the skin. The most important thing is to apply the solvent right to ensure that it interacts correctly with the adhesive and disables it at ease. Sometimes, users apply the solvent awkwardly or add too much of it which leads to awful results. It would be not relevant to put the blame on the poor quality of the solvent as long as it has been applied wrongly.

This is why you should take your time and follow the directions attentively so that your hair system base gets always free of glue residues. While adhesive solvent is not restricted to use with any hair system, it still has unwanted consequences if not applied properly. The most vulnerable are the skin base and poly edge. If you soak them too much in the solvent, they will begin to discolor and go yellowish. This is why you have to use the solvent carefully unless you want to spoil the appearance of the wig and replace it soon.

What types of glue solvent exist?

While many glue solvents are known, two formulas are the most popular with the wig wearers. The first widely-used solvent is oil-based. Many users choose citrus oil formula as it is gentle with the skin and provides a fresh lemon fragrance to the scalp and hair base after application. The second popular solvent is alcohol-based which is praised for leaving little oil residue.

What are the disadvantages of each glue solvent?

While both alcohol and oily solvents do a great job detaching the glue from the hair system base, each of them has still some downsides. When it comes to acetones and alcohol, they can dry the scalp and the wig if used in excess. You are not recommended to use alcohol-based solvents if you wear the wig occasionally and remove it often. Furthermore, alcohol emits a sharp smell that can make you dizzy during the adhesive removing procedure.

Also, another reason not to use alcohol when removing the wig often is that it can damage your skin. If you soak the hair base in alcohol, your hands come in contact with it often which can cause skin redness and itching. If speaking of oily formulas, they tend to make the process longer, implying an additional procedure. The oil-based solvent can leave oil residues on the base if not fully removed. If you notice oil traces after removing the glue, you have to wash the hair system with shampoo to get rid of remained oil.

Another shortcoming of oily formulas is that they can discolor the hair base and turn it yellow. Still, it can happen only if you soak the base too much in the oil-based solvent.

How to apply glue solvent?

Applying the adhesive solvent is not rocket science. However, there are some clear directions that you need to follow strictly to ensure that the glue disappears for good. You can apply the solvent in two ways. First, you can apply it on the hair base and scalp using the spray nozzle. Avoid over-spraying as it can damage the base. Another option is to soak the wig into the solvent. You need to pour some solvent into a container, dive the hair system into it, but prevent the hair fibers touch the solvent.

Let the hair base soak for no more than 15 minutes. After that, remove gently the dried solvent using a paper towel. Don't forget to wash the base with shampoo to eliminate the oil residues. Check out here [] the adhesive solvent offered by that removes the glue at ease and does not cause skin itching and redness.

Lavivid is dedicated to providing high quality and durable hair system solutions, giving you the chance to select a new hairstyle, replace the overused hair system, and choose from a wide variety of maintenance products to help you keep your wig clean, soft and resistant to hazards.


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