Make Your Afro Ponytail Look More Naturally

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How To Achieve The Natural Afro Ponytail Look

Afro ponytails are making its comeback and they're more loved than ever, a once trending hairstyle finding its way back to relevancy, many "naturalists" (women boasting the natural growth of their hair) have put their own unique touch on the classic style.

This trend keeps popping up on the natural hair circuit, especially the bubble pony version. Though the style itself is not new, people on Instagram have been showing their unique versions of the beloved hairstyle. To achieve this look, one must find the right products and patience, in this post, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the natural afro ponytail look, read on to find out more.

Why Are Afro Ponytails So Popular?

This hairstyle has been modernized using texture hair to let it pop and bring it to a new level of visual interest. It is a fun protective style that is perfect all throughout the different seasons.

More and more people will make their hair to Afro Ponytails. This elegant updo is perfect for all occasions. This hairstyle is making its constant comebacks because every afro ponytail style is a statement that stands out anywhere.

Items Need To Create The Look

The items needed for recreating the afro ponytail vary from each person, but here are the common materials needed in creating the look:

•A Wide-tooth Comb – For detangling excess lumps of hair.

•Tail Comb – Used for styling the actual ponytail.

•Natural extensions – Curl and Wave extension options catered to the customer's specific needs available at You can also send them hair samples for a fully personalized curl pattern just for you!

•Hair gel – To straighten and harden your edges.

•Water – For detangling.

•Accessories – Adding accessories to the look depends on you.

How To Create The Natural Afro Ponytail Look

Here we featured two processes in achieving the trendy look.

Susy Oludele is a popular and renowned hairstylist and influencer here is the process of creating her version of the afro ponytail (bubble pony version).

1. Firstly, section off your hair into the number of ponytails to your liking.

2. Add hair gel to the mini section.

3. Place your hair in a rubber band to slick down the mini section.

4. Grab your afro hair extensions and lay it flat against your ponytail.

5. Secure the hair (in the middle) with a rubber band.

6. Once attached and secured, blend your hair with the extensions and scope out the first section of your afro ponytail and tie with a rubber band and continue till your each the end.

Here is another process of recreating the trendy style:

1. Apply water to dampen and soften your hair for easier styling.

2. Detangle any loose hair strands with your hands.

3. Using a wide-toothed comb, continue to detangle excess lumps in your hair.

4. Use the tail comb to style your ponytail to your desired look.

5. Smoothen your hair using hair gel and continue to brush, creating a ponytail.

6. Create your bun accordingly with your natural extensions and continue until reaching the end.

How To Put On A Drawstring Ponytail?

If you are looking for a quick fix of recreating the style, "afro puffs" drawstring ponytails are also an option, to recreate this look, make sure your natural hair is detangled and moisturized.

Here is how you put on a drawstring ponytail:

1. Gather some of your hair in a small and secure bun.

2. Most afro puff ponytails have two small combs to easily attach it to your natural hair and a string to secure the ponytail into your natural bun.

3. Attach the drawstring ponytail and secure it to your bun to avoid it being easily removed.

This is the easiest and fastest way to achieve that natural afro ponytail look and it is perfect for any occasion.

Tips On Making Your Ponytail Extensions Look Natural

•When choosing extensions or a wig to dramatically enhance your afro ponytail's effect, make sure to choose the color that is closest to your natural hair color. Wigs at LaVivid are made to impress and they cater to your specific needs.

•Be sure to fluff your ponytails out to increase its volume and density, giving you a more natural look.

•Brushing is also recommended to make your extensions or wig pop out more.

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