How To Achieve The Electric Blue Look On Black Hair With Blue Highlights

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A fashionable and daring approach to change up your look is using blue highlights. Particularly on black hair, electric blue highlights can produce a dramatic and attention-grabbing look. You have a few options if you want to try this look, including hair color and men's hair systems like Lavivid Toupee. Here is all the information you require for adding electric blue highlights to black hair.


Choosing the Correct Blue Shade


It's crucial to pick the proper shade of blue before starting the procedure of adding blue highlights to your hair. On black hair, electric blue is a daring and colorful option that looks good, but it's crucial to pick a color that matches your skin tone and personal style.


Consult a seasoned stylist who can point you in the proper path if you're confused of what shade of blue to select. They can offer guidance on maintenance and care as well as assist you in choosing a colour that will complement your skin tone and hair texture.


Getting Ready Your Hair System


It's crucial to properly prepare a men's hair system, such as Lavivid Toupee, before adding blue highlights. This will make sure the color stays on the hair system and maintain its excellent appearance for as long as possible.


To start, use a mild shampoo and conditioner to wipe away any dirt or buildup from your hair system. Avoid using any silicone-containing products as they may make it difficult for the color to adhere correctly. After thoroughly cleaning your hair system, pat it dry with a towel and comb through it to remove any tangles or knots.


System for Coloring Your Hair


 blue highlights blue hair system

It's crucial to thoroughly read the directions and take your time while coloring your hair system. It could be beneficial to solicit the aid of a friend or experienced stylist if you're new to hair coloring.


To begin, divide your hair system into sections and equally apply the blue color to each region. Using a comb or your fingers, work the color through your hair system, making sure that it is dispersed evenly. After applying the color, give it the appropriate length of time to process.


The Upkeep of Your Blue Highlights


It's critical to take proper care of your hair system after coloring it to preserve the beauty of your blue highlights. To maintain the color's vibrancy, use a shampoo and conditioner that is color-safe and refrain from washing your hair too frequently. For further color between touch-ups, you might also use a color-depositing conditioner or treatment.


You can experiment with styling your blue highlights to enhance them in addition to proper upkeep. Try using a styling product to give texture or volume to your hair, or experiment with different hairstyles to show off your new appearance.


The advantages of a hair system


For individuals who wish to experiment with blue highlights without committing to hair dye, using a men's hair system like Lavivid Toupee can be a perfect choice. Hair systems are easily removed or modified if you decide to change your style, and they may be tailored to match your head and desired look.


In comparison to conventional hair color, hair systems can produce results that look more natural. They can be customized to match the color and texture of your natural hair and can be produced from superior human hair or synthetic hair.




Black hair with electric blue highlights is a daring and current method to change up your appearance. There are various ways to get the look, including dying your hair or using a men's hair system like Lavivid Toupee. Just be sure to pick the suitable shade of blue, set up your hair system correctly, and take good care of your hair to get the best effects. You may create a magnificent and eye-catching style with the proper approach that is sure to attract attention.


A hair system is a terrific alternative if you're seeking for a non-permanent and simple to remove solution for blue highlights on black hair. You can experiment with various colors and styles with a hair system without harming your natural hair. They can also be tailored to fit your head and give you the look you want, resulting in a result that seems more natural.


A market leader in men's hair systems, Lavivid Toupee provides a vast selection of high-quality hair systems in a variety of colors and styles. Their hair systems offer a natural-looking finish that can be treated and maintained like your own hair because they are created from 100% real human hair or high-quality synthetic hair.


Lavivid Toupee provides a variety of hair care items made especially for men's hair systems in addition to their hair systems. Your blue highlights will stay vivid and vibrant if you use these items to preserve the color and quality of your hair system.


Finally, electric blue highlights on black hair can be an audacious and thrilling method to change up your appearance. You have a variety of options, including dying your hair or using a hair system like Lavivid Toupee. Just be sure to pick the suitable shade of blue, set up your hair system correctly, and take good care of your hair to get the best effects. You may create a great and eye-catching appearance with the proper strategy that will make you stand out.



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