How Much Would Spend on A Men's Toupee?

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How much does a men's toupee cost? Am I spending too much on one? Will it last as long as the price hints? These are questions that haunt almost every hairpiece user in history. But don't worry because, by the time you're done reading, you'll not only understand what determines their cost but also how to make sure you get the best value for your money with every buy.

Why Ask How Much Does A Men's Toupee Cost?

You might think it's an odd question to ask how much a men's toupee costs but it's not, as different reasons make people ask about the price of getting a hair system. To put it simply, you'll consider how much a toupee may take from you if:

You're a First-Time User

Because you know little about men’s hairpieces, you're bound to ask about the monetary requirements. And this puts you in the category of people who wonder about this.

You worry about constant replacements

Maybe you're a frequent user and tend to damage hairpieces frequently. Because you need them so much, you'll want to be sure your spending isn't steep.

You Plan to Sell Them

If you run a hair replacement system retail store, knowing the price becomes a top priority. Why? Well, because you need to make as much profit as possible, of course.

Your Budget is Limited

If your pocket is not as heavy as you hoped, you're bound to question the price of men's toupees, so you can get great quality regardless of how much you've got.

What Determines the Price of a Men's Toupee?

Different factors contribute to hairpiece costs, but to make things easier, we'll focus on the most prominent ones:

1. Hair Type

As a rule, natural hair toupees are the most expensive. These types are made from pure human hair, so they last longer and give a more realistic feel. And since the hair types vary, ranging from European to Asian and Afro, their costs also differ. Generally, the European and Afro types are the most expensive, with the Indian types being the most affordable.

2. Base Type

Mesh fabric and polymer are the most commonly used for making hairpiece bases. The mesh fabric types are more expensive but offer the most comfort since they're breathable and can be work for a longer time. Though the polymer types are best for short-time use, they’re closer to the look and feel of real human skin. And for those with extra money, there’s the option of customizing the base to your preferences.

3. Brand

Some of the costliest types come from brands known for their long service and quality guarantee. However, top-quality hairpieces do come from younger brands, and so long as the material quality matches your need, you can still pick products from lesser-known brands.

4. Quality

The natural hair replacement systems come in the highest of quality since the hair is more responsive to products and general care. Still, some synthetic products are made to match this same level of quality, so don't be surprised to find artificial hair types that last as long as real ones.

Surfing the Wave of Men's Toupee Prices

You can find a way around the prices of men's hairpieces to balance your choice with what you care to spend. All it takes is a few useful tips to know what to look out for.

Regarding your budget, check for hairpieces that offer great quality, and works with your finances.

If you don't mind spending more on toupees, always go for the highly-priced options. The fact remains that the costlier a toupee, the higher the quality.

If you wish to use hair replacement systems for a shorter time, a polymer base is your best and cheapest option. Extensive users should know that while mesh fabric is their best bet, it will cost them a few extra bucks.

If your lifestyle has a high demand for different hairstyles, consider buying various synthetic hairpieces at a go. Not only will you get good products that match your preferences but you also spend less.

If you're heavily restricted by your budget, look out for discount and clearance sales both online and offline. This is one of the most effective ways to avoid asking how much a men’s toupee costs.


Many reasons cause us to think about the price of a hair system. Now, you know it’s a justified question. And knowing these handy tips will help you avoid asking how much does a men's toupee costs. Plus, with this knowledge, your next shopping prowess will surely be boosted.



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