How Much Time Does A Men's Toupee Last after Purchase?

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Asking how long does a men's toupee last after purchase is a common thing among users. The need to get a hair replacement will push you to consider them. But with the right tips, you can focus more on how to make sure your men's toupee lasts longer than expected.

Who Asks How Long Does A Men's Toupee Last?

Regardless of how long you've used hair systems, at some point, you're bound to ask how long does a toupee last in service? If you feel this makes you a cheapskate, kick out the thought, as the following people have done the same:

Men Who Work Long Hours

Because you spend a considerable amount of time at the office or business place, finding the time to replace your toupee may seem difficult. As such, you may be on the lookout for products that would last you longer.

First-Time Toupee Users

Of course, you want the product you pay for to serve you well, and as such, will wonder if the choice you made for a men’s toupee will be a long-lasting one.

Men with Extensive Cases of Baldness

Opting for a hair replacement system becomes a priority when your hairline shows an extreme level of recession. As such, not only will you consider concealing it, but also if what you've bought will be sufficient to throw curious minds off your scent.

Budget Spenders

Ultimately, the primary reason that pushes a majority of hairpiece users to check its longevity is the price. Because your budget is limited, your sole aim is to get a quality product that fits your spending capacity.

Understanding Toupees Before Buying One

Before asking how long does a men's toupee last, you must understand how they’re made. Hairpieces are designed based on two factors; the scalp material and the hair type.

1. Base Material

All toupees are made using either of two materials; polymer and fabric. The polymer types give you the most convincing appearance to human skin, and also accept a wider range of adhesives for holding the hairpiece in place. But polymer is a densely constructed material and gathers heat, especially when worn for extended periods.

The mesh fabric hairpieces, however, are the most breathable options available. Because they're made from either nylon or lace, the material is extremely breathable, and the toupee can be work for long hours, and sometimes even days without being taken off. The only drawback with these types is they're on the pricier side.

2. Hair Type

When it comes to hairpieces for men, you get two hair type options; natural, human hair, or synthetic, manufactured one. The natural types are the more durable of the two since they're made with real hair, and as such, have a stronger resilience. And because of their natural source, they're best for matching your remaining hair.

Synthetic hair, however, has one major advantage; they're easier to style. This makes them the most sought-after by those with a lifestyle that's privy to fashion trends. They also come in an expansive range of designs, so you can get different types to balance your daily, weekly, or monthly style requirements. They're also the cheaper of the two, though some top-quality synthetic toupees match natural ones in terms of price.

Handy Tips to Avoid Worrying How Long Does A Men's Toupee Last

The truth is your chosen toupee will last as long as it's designed to if you only use it without maintenance. But when taken care of, their shelf life can be lengthened considerably. To do this, follow these tips:

● Only use recommended products for natural toupees. This way, the real hair is always kept in good condition.


● Only use adhesives manufactured for the type of hairpiece you purchase and clean them out from the base before adding new ones.


● Keep your toupee on a mannequin when not in use, as this is the best way. Also, brush gently with a soft comb or brush while on the display head.


● If your men’s hairpiece isn't designed for overnight use, never wear it to bed. And even when it is, don't make a habit out of it. The recommended period for overnight use is 1-2 nights at a go, regardless of its quality.

Final Notes

Asking how long does a men's toupee last after buying is a question most men find themselves wondering about at some point. So, don't be worried when it's your turn, but rather, consider these helpful tips to keep them in pristine condition.


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