How Long Do You Need to Change or Maintain A Hair System?

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How long does a hair system last? A very common question like this will be asked by the first-time toupee wearers. Many reasons will cause baldness issues, like health, stress, and improper use of shampoo, etc. Everyone would like to hide their baldness in front of others! This embarrassing situation could be avoided thanks to the help of a toupee system. 

Some people will ask what a toupee system is. Is it the same as wigs or toupees? After reading this article, you may have a brief understanding of this system and how it works. Hope you will find it useful! 

The definition of toupee systems

A toupee system is among great need by customers of all ages, every gender starting from last decade. Toupee no longer works for people that facing baldness only, but also for people who want to have unique looks with stunning haircuts. How long does a hair system last? What is a toupee system? Many people will be curious about these questions.

A toupee system is the toupee or wigs that people used as a kind of hair replacement. It is almost the same as we know. This system is non-surgical and helps you rebuild confidence from hair loss or creating new fancy looks. And a great toupee system will not give you any uncomfortable feelings when you wear it. 

Toupee system maintenance is necessary

Proper toupee maintenance could extend a toupee’s lifetime. If you want to keep a front lace toupee looking natural, is there anything you can do? Periodic maintenance will be requested during this stage. How often the maintenance is requested is based on how often the front lace toupee is worn and the environment in which it is worn. For example, you may wear it only twice a week under normal weather.

Simple toupee maintenance requires regular fake hair shampooing and conditioning. This is the same as you wash your head and hair. Here are some tips for you on how to maintain the toupee system:

1. Brush the toupee system gently and thoroughly. This is the same for any kinds of toupees including lace, poly, or any other styles.

2. Rinse the toupee with mildly warm water. Do not rinse in extremely hot water as it will damage the hair.

3. Put your toupee to approx. 8-10 minutes into the solution. Be careful of the time in case the hair will get too soft.

4. Clean it gently and after cleaned, wrap it up and store it somewhere far away from the sun or the heat. 

Excessive shampooing of a toupee system may cause the hair to break easily. It won’t be able to hold on during the curling or straighten process later. Your toupee system should be in good condition and can be worn longer time than it should if you do exactly what we suggested. 

For wearers that need to wear toupees every day, we suggest buying more than one or two toupees as daily wearing is a burden to the toupee system. Bouncy hairstyles and comfortable wearing performance cannot be kept every day if you wear them without breaks. Also, different toupees can create your unique looks. 

How long does a hair system last after maintenance?

Proper caring and maintenance for the toupee system could help the toupee last a longer time. Deep toupee maintenance could be done twice a month or once a half month to keep it fresh and clean. If you are not wearing it every day, there’s no need for over-cleaning. 

A semi-permanently fake hair usually lasts around 1 year. For temporarily worn toupees, they can last for more than three years. This depends upon the maintenance and wearing frequency. A lace toupee normally can be worn for more than half a year, and with careful wearing and cleaning, it could last up to even two years. You can see the caring of the toupees help it last longer. 

Till now, hope you already have a better understanding of the toupee system. You can even spend some time in the salon and ask the hairdresser to help to do toupee maintenance. How long does a hair system last? This is to say, the lifetime of a toupee depends on its type, wearing, and maintenance.


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