How Do You Think of A No-Glue Toupee?

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No-Glue toupee refers to a toupee that you no need to put glue on your scalp. If there is a hair system like this, would you like to give it a try? I believe the answer is definitely YES! It is such a cool idea and such a cool product. Now here at LaVivid, our researching department developed such a cool product that frees you from applying layers of glues or tapes onto your scalp.


It is a very specially made poly hair system. The advanced technology it uses and how easy it makes your wearing experience make it really stand out. The most special thing about this No-glue toupee is the poly base of it. After applying heat on it using an Electric iron or a blow drier, the base will become super sticky and you no need to use any tape or liquid adhesive to attach it. You can simply put the hair system on your scalp and it will be super secure on the head. This base even performs much better than that when you use glue or tape to bond the hair system.

The base of the No-glue toupee is around 0.06 mm thick. It offers you a really natural looking hairline and scalp looking all over the base. It can last 4-6 months with correct caring. 

Each time after you put it on, it can be bond securely on the head for around 4-7 days. 

The base will become sticky with heat no matter how many times you have used it and how long you have used it. Also the stickiness of the base won’t become waker after times and times of use. 

How can the base be sticky after applying with heat?

A special polyurethane is used for the hair system base. With the effect of heat around 6,000 Fahrenheit degree, Molecular recombination happens and it becomes super sticky.


How to put it on?

Since the base becomes very sticky, so it is not easy for you to use your hand to install it because the base will stick to your fingers. The solution to this is wearing Silicone gloves because the base doesn’t stick to silicone material. 

How to remove it?

When you remove the hair system, no need to use any solvent. Just use some water and the hair system will be removed pretty easily. 

How to store it?

After the hair system is removed from your head, you cannot put it aside in a casual place. It has a special holder and it is a silicone material holder, so the base doesn’t stick to the holder. 

Some challenges you might have when you apply the hair system

If the hair is long, so it might easy to stick to the base too. So you can use some clips to clip the hair together and avoid any hair sticking onto the base. 

It truly is a challenge for beginner wearers. So it is recommended that people who have a lot of experience with hair systems or who can apply a hair system themselves use this product. 

How to wash it?

To wash the hair system, you only need shampoo and conditioner. Solvents, cotton balls that you need for a normal hair system are not needed for MrEasy. 

Who is it for?

It is for people who don’t want to wear it during sleeping. At the end of the day, simply peel it off, wash it if needed, put it on a silicone shell, heat it in the morning and put it on again. 

It is for people who are easy to be allergic to glues, tapes or solvents because this special polyurethane is Hypoallergenic. If there is a kind of polyurethane that is the safest to the skin, this is the one. 

It is for low sweat life like working in the office. This hair system is not for wearing to a gym or if you are going to spend a lot of time under the burning sun, or if you are working at a heat place, or if you are going to swim. 

It is a new product of LaVivid, and will be available in about 2-3 months. Please stay tuned.


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