How do you deal with color fading(toupee)?

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If you are facing a hair fading problem and spend a lot of money on the perfect shade for your tresses. So you need to know how you deal with color fading ( toupee) and keep that color long-lasting. 

Actually, the color is kept captive inside the hair strands; experts say the H2O (Plain water ) causes it to fade faster. So, you should avoid daily hair wash, and if it's needed daily, you keep following some tricks that help protect your hair. 

16 Tips that Helps In How To Protect Hairs for Color Fading ( Toupee)

Here are some easy and safe tricks that are easily followed by everyone and help protect your hair from those elements and molecules that fade your hair colors.

  • 1. We suggested if you dye your hair wig, you must use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Wilson says to use that shampoo specially formulated to protect hair dye and prevent hair color fading. The daily wash with shampoo makes your color fresh. So avoid using a clarifying shampoo, which can strip strands and increase the color fade process.
  • 2. If you love swimming, use swim caps that work as an extra protection layer, keep your hair healthy and flawless and prevent it from getting frizzy or fading. The hard water also discolors hair and maximizes the hair fading process.
  • 3. Moreover, Avoid swimming because the water has chlorine properties which are very harmful to hairs so, Instead of skipping your swim, you should use a cap or rinse the hair with plain cool water. 
  • 4. Remove the hair wig before going to bed. It also damages hair texture and makes it frizzy. Sleeping with a hair wig also causes hair friction, hair loss, and hair breakage. 
  • 5. Protect your hair with sun rays. The direct sunlight also fades out your hair colors. The UVA and UVB rays cause discoloration of hair and skin. If you use a hair color wig or hairpiece, it's best to use a hair cap for sunray protection. 
  • 6. If you really lock and retain your hair dye for a long time, follow this simple tip after hair coloring. You must avoid too much hair washing with shampoo. Too much shower can cause hair color fading and open hair cuticles. So wash your hair once or twice a week to keep your color from fading.
  • 7. Use cool water that helps keep color for a long time compared to hot water. Because some pigments quickly fade if you don't care about them due to their molecule size. If you use a red hair color wig, it will fade faster than a light color wig.
  • 8. This is one of the best ways to protect your hair from fading. Firstly you must try a hair gloss treatment that helps to refresh your hair and make it shiny. It also helps to increase moisture in your hair, which protects hair color. Hair loss treatment doesn't contain ammonia, and it's safe to use. It helps to lock color and remove dullness out of your tresses.
  • 9. With the best concealer, you can also prevent your hair from fading. There are many concealers of different brands available in the market that suit you best if you use hair concealer at the root of hairs that make your wig look natural and keep it healthy. Concealer doesn't contain any chemical or harmful elements. 
  • 10. If you use an organic method for refreshing your hair wig strands at home, cranberry juice is the best way. It would be best to have cranberry juice and rinse your hair with it in that method. It helps refresh your hair, especially if you are using red or dark-colored wigs.
  • 11. You can also use coffee liquid for refreshing hair colors at home. It's a straightforward and neutral method. If you feel your hair toupee strands dull and fade, you can use a cup of coffee. It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals and helps to refresh your hair in a dark shade. So soak up your hair into the cup of coffee to make sure it cools before use.
  • 12. You can also color a refreshing mask that is available in different colors and shades in the market. You can use it according to your wig color. It is the best way to prevent hair from fading and restoring and boosting your hair color. 
  • 13. Skip hard and chemical hair dye products and use natural methods for refreshing your hair toupee at home. Using henna can boost hair gloss and hair colors with a rich natural tone. 
  • 14. You can apply SPF to synthetic or human hair wigs. The sun can not only fade color, but it also damages your hair texture. The UV rays also burn hair, so keep applying hair SPF spray or cream products that help to stay your hair color for a long time.
  • 15. You must skip heating elements like straightener, curler, hairdryer, etc. These elements can burn hair's natural pigment and badly damage your entire hair texture. Moreover, the heating tools will damage the cuticle and fade your hair strands.
  • 16. Daily hair styling also damages your hair badly. Excessive stretch and heating can destroy hair color molecules, which causes hair fading. If you belong to an industry you need daily maintenance and hairstyling, we recommend using safe and light heated elements that don't affect the color.  


These are beneficial tips that help to refresh your colored wig at home. With proper care, you can keep your hair dye long-lasting. So avoid harmful things to your hair—staying natural and easy. 


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