Would the Density of Hair System Make A Difference?

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If you have taken notice that your hairline is receding or pulling back, you might be wondering if this is the initial stage of your going bald. The first thing you need to do is keep control of your rushing thoughts and make sure that you do not tire yourself out because leading a stressful life might lead to severe hair falling even more.

The genetic inheritance of male pattern hair loss from parents occurs normally, but the exact passage of the baldness genes cannot be explained with certainty. This uncertainty can be understood from this example that one may be bald, but his sibling may have a head full of healthy hair. It is a certain possibility that one is the carrier of baldness genes but not suffering from baldness himself.

This is also an accepted idea that predisposition to baldness inheritance from the mother’s side is greater than the predisposition from the father’s side. Sometimes male pattern baldness doesn't make you bald but makes your hair extremely thin, that you might start feeling uncomfortable due to bald spots here and there.

The Best Possible Solution for Hair Loss for People of All Ages

The non-invasive hair replacement system is an outstanding and reliable option for people suffering from thinning hair, hair loss, receding hairline, and just want to regain a head full of healthy hair without going under a medical procedure that involves a lot of risks. Even though hair systems and wigs were frowned upon in the past decade, modern-day hair systems are gaining trust all around the world due to their risk-free procedure and affordability.

With the advancement of production methods, it is not a challenge to achieve a natural look. It is also particularly important for people experiencing hair loss to consider some persisting pros & cons before choosing to buy a hair system because a hairpiece is not only meant to look good but also supposed to make you feel at ease and offer enhanced comfort levels.  

What Are Some Qualities of Hair Systems That Are Usually Ignored, But Can Make A Huge Difference?

A hair system is a synthetic or natural hair, hairpiece, or partial wig with amazing qualities that are supposed to be worn to conceal any portion of baldness or for artistic purposes. Commonly, they are also known as wigs and toupees, but they have evolved a lot more than that in reality. These hair systems offer instant results with high levels of realism and comfort.

If you want a hairpiece that matches your individual needs, all you need to do is list them down and talk to a hair specialist who will help you find the perfect match. Putting in these hair systems and toupee is also very convenient. You can either use adhesive or a wig tape to secure it on your head.


The density of a hair system determines the amount of hair present on your wig or toupee. Usually, there are three categories: hair system light density, normal density, and high density. Light density is meant for people with naturally thin hair, while high density is meant for people with thick hair.

The hair replacement you decide on should relatively match the hair type and density of your natural hair. At the same time, the goal in your mind is to have a natural look. The availability of a wide variety can certainly make you go overboard. Make sure that your hair density on the sides and back matches the hair system you pick. You could choose to get it thinned and styles according to your natural hair and style. Even if you’re completely bald and your hairpiece doesn’t necessarily have to blend in, you have to still make sure that you don’t over-do the hair density as it too looks tacky and fake.

The best quality of a hair system is that it doesn't only look natural, but it also gives you the feeling that you are going through your day with your natural hair. And to ensure this, manufacturers have paid special attention to these systems' weight and density because it makes a lot of difference.

Choosing A Lighter Density for A Natural Look

Another thing that can make all the difference in the world is to consider your age while looking for a hairpiece. If you are in your 50s and you go for a highly dense hair system, it might look good on its own, but once you wear it will look out of place. On the other hand, if you go with a hair system light density, it will not just complement your face and age but also give you a more realistic appearance.

Even if you are not of an age, but your natural hair used to have a light density, you should definitely go with a hairpiece that matches your natural hair pattern. This should be kept in mind, especially if you choose to go with a partial or frontal hair system.

When looking for hair systems, keeping these small things in mind can really enhance your appearance and offer a comfortable and natural look. Hair systems at Lavividhair.com are offered in various densities, and you can choose from an amazing range of hairpieces that can also be customized according to your unique pattern of hair.


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