Honest Review of Lavivid Hair System

June 26, 2023 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 664

It's been a while since Adam has done a hair system review, but he's back with a brand new system that's about two weeks old. This time, he's trying out the Coeus system by Lavivid, a renowned provider of high-quality hair systems. The Coeus is a thin skin system with a thickness of 0.08 millimeters, slightly thicker than Adam's previous system, the see-through or Louis see-through system.

One of the notable features of the Coeus is its durability. Being a thicker hair system, it is expected to last longer and maintain its appearance over time. While the Coeus may not have the same level of realism in the hairline as lace bases or ultra-thin skins, Adam finds it to be a decent compromise. He acknowledges that he might have gone a bit too far with the recession this time and plans to adjust it in his next system to achieve a fuller look around the temples.

Comfort is an important factor for Adam, especially since he has a sensitive scalp. Despite being slightly less comfortable than an ultra-thin skin, the Coeus still provides a satisfactory level of comfort. Adam has been wearing it for two weeks without experiencing any discomfort or itching, which is a testament to its overall comfort level.

When it comes to maintenance, the Coeus offers a convenient cleaning process. Compared to lace bases or ultra-thin skins, the cleanup is easier and less time-consuming. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who prefer using glue for attachment. The Coeus system allows for the use of both tape and glue, providing flexibility and ease of application.

Adam has also been testing the Coeus system's resilience to sunlight and oxidation. Despite the sunny weather in the UK during the past few weeks, the hair system has not shown any signs of significant color change or oxidation. This is a positive indication of its quality and ability to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without losing its natural color.

In terms of density and color blend, the Coeus system meets Adam's expectations. This hair system offers a satisfactory level of density, providing a natural and undetectable look. The color blend is also seamless, ensuring that the system blends seamlessly with Adam's natural hair color. When viewed from different angles, the Coeus system appears natural and well-integrated.

While the Coeus performs well in various aspects, Adam notes that it may not be the most breathable option during hot and sweaty conditions. For summer wear, he suggests considering lace bases or ultra-thin skin systems that offer better breathability and comfort. In fact, Adam plans to try a French lace base in his next system to compare its performance in terms of sweat resistance and overall comfort.

Overall, Adam is satisfied with the Coeus system by Lavivid. Its durability, satisfactory density, seamless color blend, and easy maintenance make it a commendable choice for individuals seeking a reliable and natural-looking hair system. As Adam continues his journey with different systems, he looks forward to exploring and sharing more insights with his audience. Stay tuned for his upcoming reviews and experiences in the world of hair systems.


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