Have I ordered a Bad Toupee?

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Hair loss and balding are common problems faced by one in three persons across the globe. 

Men and women equally suffer from hair thinning due to several factors, including environmental changes to nutrition and stress. Medications, hair care products, invasive surgeries- people have tried every possible solution in order to find a long-term solution to hair things. 

Alternative hair systems like wigs and toupees are also gaining popularity. These systems have the edge over medications due to zero side effects and transplants due to price points. The cherry on top is the instant fix these systems provide to cater to hair problems. 

For initial hair thinning, receding hairlines, and less voluminous hair, toupees work best. These are lighter in weight than wigs and blend in with natural hair to provide a rather natural look. 

Toupees are supposed to look effortlessly natural, so if your toupee was detectable for others in the last party, chances are you have not landed on the right one yet. 

Here are a few tips that you must follow before purchasing a toupee;

Realistic Hairline 

Hairline makes or breaks the entire look of a wig or a toupee. Most people are able to recognize if you are wearing a toupee by the seemingly visible hairline. A bad toupee has poor stitching, making the hairline look unnatural. 

Good quality toupees are finely stitched or hand-tailored, creating an illusion of human scalp and naturally growing hair. Check the hairline carefully before adding one to the cart. 

Right Shade 

Wigs cover the entire head, unlike toupees which only sit above the crown, making your natural hair visible from the sides. If you choose the toupee to hide hair thinning, make sure the shade of the toupee closely matches your original hair color; otherwise, the two would not amalgamate finely. 

If you want the toupee to add texture, order a toupee that is one shade darker than your original hair color so that the two shades create some highlighting effect. Ordering a shade lighter would be risky as the toupee makes your central hairline which needs to be darker to look natural. 


If your toupee looks worn out, frizzy, and dull just after a couple of washes, you are stuck with a bad one. With the right kind of wig care products and maintenance, toupees can easily last 6-12 months. 

If you want your toupee to last even longer, always use a wide-tooth comb and mild formulas to keep the texture intact. 

Comfortable Fabric 

The toupee base is one of the major deciding factors to rate the quality. A bad toupee usually has a base that irritates the scalp and often leaves scratches. Wearing a bad toupee all day long further affects hair regrowth. 

The base fabric of a toupee must be comfortable and smooth. Always select a monofilament or lace base to keep your hair and scalp healthier. If you have a sensitive scalp, look for the toupees specifically designed for those with hair thinning due to medical problems or scalp damage. 


Since toupee is an additional hairpiece, it has to be light as a feather to be worn for longer. Heavy hairpieces cause marked distress and headache. Fixing a heavy hairpiece is also relatively difficult. 

Smaller Knots 

Hair strands are either woven by machines or hand-sewn to the base of wigs and toupees. Hand-sewn toupees usually have smaller and invisible knots as compared to machine-made toupees; however, hand-sewn hairpieces are comparatively more expensive.

If you want an affordable toupee, make sure it has smaller knots; otherwise, the toupee would look unnatural. Combing a toupee that has bigger knots is difficult as well. 

Hair Quality 

A good toupee is made with the finest quality hair strands. IF you are choosing human hair toupee, make sure the hair is genuine, and the whole toupee is made with a similar hair strand.  Synthetic toupees are good only if the hair strands possess a matte finish and do not have unnatural plastic shine. 

Where to find the Best Quality Toupee?

Lavivid Hair toupees are highly recommended if you are searching for luxurious hairpieces to enhance your appearance. These toupees are made with the finest quality hair strands and imported fabric. The material is stitched to perfection in order to give our users the best experience. 

With a lavishly tailored toupee that looks like it was just taken out of an expensive photo shoot, you are sure to turn heads when walking down any street with your classical hairstyle. Our elegant toupees are for you if you want your locks looking as good as celebrities on magazine covers. 


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