Do You Want to Change a New Hairstyle? Try the Hair Transformation Products

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Hair transformation products are necessary when you want to have a drastic change in your hair. Today, we will introduce several products including hair straightener, curler, hair extensions, and toupees for transforming hair for you so that you can better manage hair transformation by yourself. We hope the information can be helpful for you. 

We all want to have beautiful hairdos. Going to salons may be a routine in your life, but do you know about the products used for a drastic hair change? Quality hair transformation products change the appearance of your hair while minimizing hair damage. 

If you want to have a change of your hair but do not want to go to a salon. The following products you can try to use. The most commonly used products are hair straighteners and hair curlers. They can produce effects immediately if you use them correctly.

It seems easy to use these products. However, these tools produce heating air that will damage your hair. Therefore, before using the tools for a hair change, you need to do some preparation. Wash your hair with a healthy hair conditioner and shampoo. Based on your hair texture, you can choose corresponding hair washing products. If your hair is frizzy and thick, you can use products to soften it. 

If your hair is already soft and thin, you can choose products containing abundant nutrients to make it strong. Then, dry your hair with a soft towel and a hairdryer at low temperature to make sure that your hair is completely dried from the roots to the tips. 

Detangle your hair with a comb. If you have thick hair, you can use comb your hair into several parts. Clip the top part of your hair and straighten the rest part of the hair first. Make sure that the hair straightener is safe and good so that it can produce good hair-changing effects.


Compared to a straightener, a curler is harder to use. To make perfect curls is not that easy. There are many kinds of hair curlers. If you are a new user, it is suggested to use a curler with a wand or a clamp. The size of the ironer determines the size of the curls, so you need to think about what sort of curls you want. 

Before curling your hair, you also need to wash your hair. To make your hair clean is the first step. Until your hair is dried naturally, you can start sectioning your hair and curling each section. You may feel unsatisfied with your work at the beginning. Find more teaching videos and practice more. You can do better and better. 

Another often used hair transformation product is hair extensions. It can change the appearance of your hair from short to long. The same as other hair transformation products, hair extensions have many types. 

According to the making materials, the hairpieces can be divided into real human hair one and a synthetic one. The real one looks more realistic and has a better touch feeling. The hair usually comes from donors. Therefore, the price of real hair extensions is higher. 

Clip-in and tape-in extensions are often used. Clip-in hairpiece, as its name suggests, is clipped to your natural hair. It is very easy and convenient to use the product. You can apply it and remove it with great ease. It does little harm to human hair and skin because it contains no chemicals. 

The tape-in extension is glued to your hair. It produces stronger bonding effects than the clip-in type, but it may damage your hair if applied and removed improperly. It is better to wear hair extensions with the help of professional hairdressers. 

This product is generally used by females. Hair toupees are the hair transformation products often used by men. They can realize perfect hair transformation results by covering hair loss on the crown area. Wearing a quality hair system, other people will not spot that you are wearing a wig. 


Other products for doing a transformative hairstyle include hair dyes. To make a perfect hair transformation, you need not only good tools but practice and patience. You can buy a mannequin head with hair to practice skills and make progress.


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