The Recommendations of Hair Systems for Young People

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When young people choose a hair system, what styles are recommended? Today we are going to share with you our expert’s opinion on this.

When it comes to choosing a hair system, what’s the difference between young people and old people? The two most important factors are the hair density and hair color.

Hair Density

For young people, actually they can choose any of these densities from 50% to 180%. First, choosing thick hair or thin hair is more a personal preference thing. If you like thick hair, then choose high density hair. If you like thin hair, then choose low density. Especially when you just start to wear a hair system, people prefer to choose a low density first and gradually increase to higher density. In this way, it is easier for them to accept the hair look. It is a big change from no hair to having hair after all. So a gradual hair density change is a route most of people choose to take.

When you are in the stage of getting used to wearing a hair system, for young people, 130% density hair is mostly chosen. It is a just right density. So which styles that LaVivid offers are specially designed for young people?

Breathable Hair Units for Young People

Simois, Crius and Versalite are the 3 very popular breathable toupees that are for young people who are at their 20s to 40s. All of them have 130% medium density. Wanna see how they look in person? Check these out!

Poly Units for Young People

These styles are the most popular poly units for young people. Oceanus and Achilles have 130% density while Coeus has 115% density. Please see below pictures to see how they look in person.

Hair Color

color ring

For young people, you can try whatever color you like from black, brown to blonde or even highlighted colors. For normal colors, we have around 64 colors in stock for your choice. For those complex colors like mixed, highlighted colors, we can customize for you.

At Lavivid hair we can meet your personality pursuit, welcome to contact us and make an unique hair system for yourself.

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