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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to Adam's channel. Today, he's got something special to share with you all. You might notice that his face isn't on camera today, but don't worry, it's all part of the plan. He's here to do a review of the amazing Lavivid Hair Systems. This is his very first experience with them, and needless to say, he's incredibly excited about it. Adam can't wait to show you the unboxing process, the end result, and have a discussion about his thoughts on the system. So, let's dive right in!

As Adam opens the package, he's immediately impressed by the sleek and branded box it comes in. It's not overly extravagant, but definitely gives off a cool vibe. Of course, the most important thing inside is the hair system itself. Phew, it's all there! Adam jokes that he would've been a bit concerned if it wasn't. But before he gets into the system, he takes a moment to explore what else is included in the box.

Inside, he finds a helpful card with care tips. This is especially useful for first-time wearers or those new to the world of hair systems. The card provides valuable information, and there's even contact info in case you have any questions or need assistance. Adam notes that the customer service from Lavivid has been fantastic. They always respond within 24 hours, and their English proficiency is impressive. If you ever need to return or exchange a system, it's a straightforward process. Just provide your ID number from the order confirmation email and fill out a form. Lavivid's team will be more than happy to help you out.

Now, let's move on to the star of the show—the system itself. Adam excitedly reveals the Helios, a Swiss lace system from Lavivid. As he unwraps it, he can immediately feel the softness of the base. The Swiss lace is incredibly gentle on the scalp, and he can already imagine how comfortable it will be to wear.

Examining the back of the system, Adam points out the label, which is an important indicator to ensure it's positioned correctly. This particular system is in the color "seven," perfectly matching his bio hair. The color blend is spot-on, and he's impressed by the natural look it achieves. Lavivid has informed him that the hair is Indian Remy, and Adam can confirm its softness. The knots on the base are expertly woven, adding to the system's durability.

As he inspects the front, Adam notices the beautiful gradated hairline, enhancing the system's overall natural appearance. The bleached knots at the front give the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp, which he finds incredibly realistic. Adam shares his excitement about styling options, envisioning himself rocking a quiff with this hair system.

Moving towards the top, he's impressed by the density, set at 90%. This density suits his age profile as a 33-year-old male perfectly. Having had similar density before, Adam knows it's the right choice for his age group. Even towards the back, the base allows for some visibility, and the bleached knots ensure a seamless blend, making it look like the hair is truly his own.

Now, let's talk about the shipping experience. Adam received the system in an impressive time frame—around two weeks, possibly even less. He opted for FedEx shipping and was provided with a tracking code. This helped ease his worries as he could follow the package's journey and always knew where it was. It made the whole process more comfortable and less anxiety-inducing.

Excitement fills the air as Adam prepares to show you the system on his head. And voilà, there it is! He's absolutely thrilled with the result. The vivid Helios Swiss lace system from Lavivid looks stunning on him, especially after getting it cut to his desired style. The shorter length and the addition of bangs bring something new to his look, which aligns with his resolutions for 2022—exploring different styles.

Now, let's talk about comfort. Adam has been wearing the system for a week, and it's been an absolute delight. He hasn't needed to remove it for cleaning or re-bonding, which is fantastic. Even after waking up, there's no need for extensive styling or water to make it malleable. It remains soft and manageable. He's already shampooed it and conditioned it once, and the hair feels amazing—super smooth and no signs of shedding. The color blend with his bio hair is seamless, enhancing the natural look he's aiming for.

Adam explains that he prefers shorter hairstyles due to his trichotillomania. He openly shares his journey of dealing with this condition and trying various methods to overcome it. However, keeping the hair on the sides short has proven to be the best approach for him. The short hair on top complements it perfectly. During his time with the system, Adam plans to use styling products like gels and clays to see how it holds up and test its longevity. He anticipates getting three to four months of wear from this Swiss lace system.

Here's some great news for you: Lavivid is generously offering a 15% discount. All you need to do is visit their website,, and use the coupon code "Adam15" during checkout. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience their high-quality systems at an even better price. Adam couldn't be more impressed with the system and the company as a whole. The quality and customer service have been exceptional, earning a well-deserved four out of five stars from him. If you're interested in exploring other system reviews, Adam has a playlist dedicated to comparisons between different suppliers. Be sure to check it out!

Thank you all for joining Adam on this exciting journey. If you enjoyed his content, don't forget to subscribe to his channel. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and he'll catch up with you soon. Take care for now!


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