Hair Replacement Training in Hagerstown, MD US

March 22, 2023

Finding the correct training program is essential if you want to learn about hair replacement skills. LaVivid Hair Partner with Advanced Hair Loss & Scalp Solutions, LLC to host a hair replacement training in Hagerstown, MD on April 23, 2023.

hair replacement training

Professionals with years of experience in the hair replacement industry are teaching the program. They are committed to seeing you succeed and are specialists in the newest methodologies and technologies. Emily, the trainer of this hair replacement training, has many years of hair systems for both men and women.


Besides all the basic knowledge about hair systems and how to install, cut, style, remove and clean, etc steps, the training involves customer consulting and communication skills in addition to teaching the technical components of hair restoration. In order to give the finest service possible, you’ll learn how to evaluate a client’s needs and preferences and how to communicate with them effectively.


Surprisingly, 80% of LaVivid customers are unable to locate a hair replacement specialist nearby. However, this presents a tremendous opportunity for those looking to pursue a career in this rapidly growing industry. By enrolling in a hair replacement training program, you can equip yourself with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field and embark on a fulfilling career path.


The training schedule includes 10 steps which are shown as below:

  1.        Facts about hair growth and men’s hair loss
  2.        What is hair replacement?
  3.        Choosing a hair system
  4.        Coloring and perming     
  5.        Making a mold & Custom Design
  6.        Scalp and Hair System Preparation
  7.        System installation, cutting and styling.   
  8.        Homecare Instructions
  9.        Suggested pricing
  10.      Questions & Closing


Also you will receive a training kit which includes the following items:

  1.                 1 LaVivid Hair System – Mirage
  2.                 1 Color Ring
  3.                 1 bottle of Ghost Bond Glue
  4.                 1 bottle of C22 Adhesive remover
  5.                 1 Adhesive Brush
  6.                 1 LaVivid Product catalog
  7.                 1 Measuring Tape



LaVivid Hair Replacement Training is, all things considered, a fantastic option for anyone wishing to learn about hair replacement methods. It is understandable why so many people who seek for “hair replacement training near me” choose LaVivid due to its thorough curriculum, qualified instructors, and flexible learning alternatives. Therefore, give LaVivid Hair Replacement Training a shot if you want to sharpen your skills in the field of hair replacement. Click here to purchase the hair replacement certification course.