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Dressing for an event is incomplete with a perfect hairstyle. Your cousins are getting excited about the family function you are going to have. But you are not having enough happiness for the upcoming event, because your hair is not supporting you? Getting heavy hair falls? Is dandruff troubling so much? Getting partial baldness? Normally men face this situation mostly. You ought to get organized for the assembly your boss has held, at which your self-belief ought to be at as much stage, however you appear as tame as a depressed man!

In these rough & tough situations, you lose your self-confidence to give your best! You don’t seem the real you!

You have tried all kinds of ways (shampoo, soap, surgical treatments) but the result is zero. These can't go anymore. Need some permanent changes so that you do not have to face these situations anymore.

Lavivid hair, where you will find the most multiplication hair-related solutions. It is

an eco-friendly platform that can give you the permanent solutions you wanted to have. Lavivid hair provides you the best non-surgical support with their quality wigs ( Lace Hair system, Mono Hair System, Eros Hair system, etc), adhesive glues for wigs, saloon tools, a variety of quality hair patches, etc. 

If you do not wish to have a full-size hair system then hair patches are the best solution for you.

How Are Hair Patches Made?

Hair patches are made from a silicon base which has porous in among them for oxidation and most significantly human hairs are weaved on it. The remedy is pretty smooth and simple. People who're laid low with Alopecia Areata frequently tend to choose this kind of hair healing procedure.

But How The Hair Patches Treatment Is Done?

The hair patch in Lavivid Hair is non-surgical as in it a patch of hair or extension/wig is positioned withinside the place of the pinnacle wherein there may be baldness. With the assistance of beauty glues or clips, medical doctors stick the patch of hair withinside the bald place. The glues or clips that are used for the remedy are pretty secure and do now no longer cause any form of hypersensitive reactions at the scalp. 

This form of remedy is appropriate for individuals who no longer need to go through surgical remedies and people who now no longer have finances for hair transplant surgery. The hair patches appear herbal and the affected person continually finally ends up searching higher than before. They continually supplement the hair color, hair texture, and hair density of the sufferers. 

How Is It?

It is smaller than a hair wig and they're designed to cowl the bald patch on the pinnacle. The exceptional component is that it's far extraordinarily secure and does now no longer take a good deal of time. 

When the hair increase isn't always feasible from medicine then an affected person can pass for a hair patch to duvet the bald place. 

Uses of it:

While making use of it, the herbal hair of the sufferers isn't always disturbed. But there may be a few slicing in keeping with the want of the affected person. The hair patch remedy is useful if someone has partial hair loss. An exceptional part of the remedy is that it no longer contains any form of needles. They are custom made to resemble the herbal hair of the affected person and it sits flawlessly on the pinnacle. 

Distinction Between Hair Wigs:

The distinction between hair wigs and hair patches is that they appear extra herbal than wigs. The wigs are commonly the answer for a whole hair loss. The remedy now no longer takes a good deal of time as it's far performed in only one sitting. People with hair patches in the world can fashion and comb their hair in any way they need. They also can maintain their everyday sports like- swimming, bathing, gambling, and so on with no distinction. 

Why Is It Required? 

  • ●It is loved by most people because it does not create any discomfort.
  • ●It will not be sticky at all 
  • ●No need to go stylish as you can wear it easily at your home.
  • ●The character who's affected by Alopecia Areata can pass for it as it's miles much less pricey than hair transplant and it without problems suits your hair texture and does now no longer appear peculiar at all.

How to use a hair patch?

Before a hair patch may be implemented on the pinnacle of the affected person, they're reduced in keeping with the want, place, and form of the pinnacle. The place wherein a hair patch is wanted to use is cleared. A hair patch may be implemented through  techniques: 

  • ●The first approach is with the assistance of glue and tape.
  • ●The 2nd approach is with the assistance of small clips and tapes.

Natural hair wigs are made out of harvested human hair, so that they look, sense, and act much like your very own hair. Synthetic wigs or patches are made out of man-made fibers, the use of a specialized era to offer the general look and sense of actual hair. There is a false impression amongst first-time wig or patch shoppers that human hair wigs are “better” or better than artificial wigs due to the fact they're a product of actual hair; this isn't always the case. If an artificial hair wig is of excessive best, it's regularly hard to determine the distinction among the 2 hair fibers. There are, of course, differences, however, they lie below the surface.

How To Increase The Lifespan of Your Hair Patch?

Lavivid Hair recommendation and provide you with the best unique combs and brushes to boom the lifestyles of the hair patch. 

  •  1) Use brushes or combs with tender bristles. Normal brushes act as a blade and cast off the hair on hair patches. Lavivid Hair advises and supplies a few manufacturers of brushes that might be extensive and tender. They additionally supply tender pocket combs. 
  •  2) Try no longer to touch the bottom of the patch whilst combing hair. 

Final Words:

An average lifestyle of a hair patch is 1 to 1'5 yrs. However, lifestyles of the hair patch may come down to mention 6 months, in case you don't deal with it nicely via means of the usage of ordinary brushes, combs & shampoos.

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