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June 26, 2023 Hair Replacement for Men Views: 418

Paul received this Lavivid hair system, and he is doing an assessment with it.


Paul looks at the system and thinks it looks fancy. He feels like he's being invited to a Five Star Event. The hair system is Lewis. The color is number four. The dimensions are eight by ten inches. It is made of poly base.Paul thinks it's very nice. He can see how much shine or visibility it has. Paul mentions that his hair is kind of wet, so it'll be interesting to see how well this hairpiece matches. He didn't do a color match with a measure before, but he shows his thumb going through the hairpiece to demonstrate what the scalp would potentially look like if there was a highly visible spot.

He comments on the Auschwitz tag, stating that it is really small, dark, and invisible. They just stamped it, which Paul finds sensible. He mentions it's the least obtrusive Auschwitz tag he has seen and expresses his satisfaction with it. Now, Paul, who is still in the present moment, is looking at using this size of a leaf shed. He explains that it's in his best interest to get hairpieces that are stitched outwards from the crown rather than having zigzags at the back. The direction of the back part is important to him. He notes that the front is expected to be fine with V-loops, but the stitching direction is highly visible. He prefers it to go side to side, ear to ear, as it looks like a wall of hair, regardless of how far back it is cut.

Paul emphasizes the importance of the stitching direction at the front hairline, which is usually done nicely by hair companies. However, he wants to save money and cut out the back part to use it as the front hairline as well. Therefore, he needs nose-to-spine stitching in that way too. He observes the hairpiece and mentions that it looks like the stitching is done correctly, all stitched outwards from the crown, which is good because he can potentially use both ends. If the stitching goes in all directions, he might be able to get three hairpieces from it. Paul decides to go and cut it out and bleach the front. He shows how it looks against the skin without any glue, explaining that he will bleach the front hairlines of all the hairpieces because the companies still don't do it. He expresses his frustration with the hair industry for not bleaching the roots of all poly hairpieces with dark hair. Paul explains that if the density is lighter than medium, the black lines would have no coverage when it's on the scalp. He expresses his inability to bleach all the roots and mentions that he can only do it along the front. He talks about the challenges of bleaching the knots on lace hairpieces as well. Paul criticizes the hair industry for not taking action and leaving the customers to bleach the hairpieces themselves. He clarifies that the hairpieces have been cooking for a while and advises not to leave the bleach on for too long. He mentions that he's chosen to do it for 20 minutes. Paul shows the exposed base that needs to be removed and demonstrates how the hair looks after bleaching, pointing out that it's already better than before. He explains that the black lines are hairs that can never be bleached because they were embedded in the plastic during the manufacturing process. Paul praises the hair quality and stitching of the hairpiece, mentioning that it goes out from the crown in all directions. He comments on pre-gluing the hair and plans to cut it.

In conclusion, Paul evaluates the hairpiece, stating that it is a great hair system. He provides a close-up of the hairline and expresses his gratitude.


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