Guide on How to Choose Lace Front Toupee Human Hair

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Talking about lace front toupee human hair, our customers are not so familiar with the knowledge so overall. This guide will show the readers more details about human hair made toupee. Hope this can help all of you know more about lace front toupees.

Toupees have three kinds are human hair, chemical fiber, and human hair mixed with chemical fiber. It is more natural and closest to your real hair if you wear a human hair toupee. It is easier to blend with your hair when you are wearing the lace human hair toupee.

However, this is only one aspect, The color of hair, the correspondence between hairstyle and face, the matching of size and head circumference, the sense of aging and so on all need to be taken into toupee choosing consideration as much as possible.

Therefore, it seems that wearing a toupee is a very common thing. But if you are willing to wear it for a long time, it is very difficult to make it look beautiful on your head and make yourself not be harmed by it.

If you want to avoid all troubles, it is a better choice than you choose a lace front toupee human hair. High-end lace toupees are all made of real human hair, so there is no need to worry about authenticity. Moreover, high-end lace toupees are all breathable, easy to wear, wash, dye and they can be worn all the time when wearers are working out and swimming.

1. Weight

Because the low-quality toupee is made of a kind of artificial chemical fiber, it is relatively heavy. The real hair toupee itself is much lighter than the artificial chemical fiber, and the real hair toupee is much lighter than the artificial hair toupee.

2. Comfort

Artificial hair toupee is unnatural to wear on the scalp, and it is easy to slide from the head. The real hair toupee fits the scalp completely. There is no such problem about unnatural and sliding.

3. Price

The artificial hair toupee is made of artificial chemical fiber, so the cost is lower; The collection cost of real hair toupee is higher because they are real hair.

4. Static

Artificial hair toupee is made of a kind of artificial chemical fiber, which is particularly easy to get static, while a real hair toupee is made of human hair like normal hair, so it is not easy to get static.

Human hair lace toupee maintenance

1. Wash the toupee frequently to get rid of the greasy feeling and oil.

2. Try to reduce the frequency of cleaning the toupee. It is best to wear it about 6 times before cleaning. However, if your toupee already looks oily, it is best to reduce the number of toupees also.

3. Before cleaning the toupee, smooth the knotted hair, gently comb it with a pointed tail comb, or brush it with a toupee brush.

4. Prepare a basin of warm water and a proper amount of shampoo, then soak the toupee in water for 5 minutes, then gently squeeze out excess water, and finally rinse it in clean warm water.

5. Put the washed toupee back into the basin, then squeeze a little shampoo into your hand, then gently rub the wig with your hand, don't wash it too much, and then rinse it off with clean warm water.

6. Put a proper amount of conditioner in your hand, according to the instructions, not too much, then rub it like washing your hair, then let it dry for 5 minutes, and finally rinse it with water.

7. Dry the toupee with a towel, and then put it on a toupee stand to dry naturally. If you need it urgently, you can blow it dry with a hairdryer. But remember, use low heat.

8. In the last step, gently comb the dried toupee. Then you can use curlers, curling irons, or hair straighteners for styling at will, and then use toupee spray or a styling agent for styling.

Ok, do you know anything about lace front toupee human hair now? Do you know how to choose? Do you know its advantages and disadvantages? Do you know how to maintain it? If you don't know yet, please visit our website. You will see more detailed information.


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