How to Find Non Surgical Hair Replacement Salon near Me

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There is too much information in non surgical hair replacement salon near me. "Anyone who comes to the store to buy wigs has a certain reason, either because they are old and full of white hair, or because they have serious hair loss.

Nowadays, there are more and more fashionable people who like to purchase non-surgical hair replacements. First of all, because wigs are changeable in style and color. Second, the wig texture is becoming more and more realistic and more humane.

For example, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Pixie Geldof, Halle Berry, Beyonce, and other European beauty stars have a special liking for wigs, so how to make the wig on their heads shine forever in a wig salon is the next topic to be talked about.

Teach you to be a wig expert

Friends who love beauty will inevitably have several wigs, whether there is one or several wigs, which shows that people are increasingly eager for changeable shapes in their consciousness.

Wigs at home all have a common problem, that is, if they are not worn frequently, they will become short-tempered and dull after being placed for a while, and then they can only be left in the garbage bin, but a wig is not as cheap as a roll of toilet paper, which is a waste.

Is there any way to make our wigs shine forever and look like real hair? Let's teach you a few tricks here, let's all become experts in maintaining wigs!

Teach you to choose a good quality wig

Faced with a wide variety of wig products on the market, the quality is uneven, and some wigs will be seen as "fake" hair when worn on the head at a glance. When people look up and down at your shape with strange eyes, that feeling is very embarrassing. Learn to choose a wig of high quality!

At present, there are three kinds of wigs on the market: chemical fabric, real hair, chemical fabric, and real hair.

1. Chemical fabric is common, which is cheap and the effect is "fake" unless you are a video game player playing cosplay or a model, wearing this kind of wig in real life is not suitable for shopping.

2. Real human hair wig is widely used in TV dramas, and the price is more expensive.

3. The mixture of chemical fabric and human hair is the most suitable wig used in life, which can achieve the effect of genuine, and the price is higher than that in 200 dollars.

Consider the net material of the wig

When choosing a wig in non surgical hair replacement salon near me, we should first look at the comfort and breathability of the net material. It is best to wear it to see if it feels itchy and irritating. Then pull the elastic band inside the wig, don't choose too loose ones. Because the wig will be looser after wearing it for some time, but it can't be too tight. If you can, it's best to customize an intranet.

Fire and blow to distinguish between good and bad hair

Then look at the texture of the hair. Generally, wigs with poor quality will give off an unpleasant smell when burned with fire. Another way is to turn on the hairdryer to the strong heat gear and press the tuyere on the wig for 3~5 seconds (time should not be too long so that the net material will be bad). If it is real hair, it will be fine, and if it is other materials, it will show its trail and give off an unpleasant smell.

Choose a wig that suits your skin color

Wigs should be worn in harmony with skin color. If you have hair, you should try to choose the same color as or close to your hair color. If you have little hair or have no hair, you should choose according to your skin color. Brown and light brown wigs should be selected for white skin color. Black skin color should choose black, brown, and black wigs. Yellow skin color should choose chestnut and dark brown wig.

To participate in makeup evening party and other activities, we should choose wigs coordinated with them according to makeup color and lighting, such as wine red, yellow, orange-red, purple-red, etc.

All information can be got in non surgical hair replacement salon near me.   


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