Five Hair System Hair Cuts I got From LaVivid Hair

December 18, 2019
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This is about the day that I got five haircuts. I didn’t  expect to be a model for toupees when I was asked to do a photo shoot for wigs. I just showed up and was asked if I could have my head shaved if required. Then I was fitted for the toupee. They stretched a layer of plastic over my the crown of my head and applied a layer of tape over that plastic to make a mold.

make a template

Then they traced my hairline onto it. Then they took a toupee and cut it down to the size of my hairline. They then applied it to my head and at first it looked ridicules because the hair was about six inches long. But actually it looked like some kind of burned out rock and roll star. Haha. Well I learned that all of the toupees come with the hair curled for shipping as well as in the long length so it can be cut and styled as needed.

toupee cutting

On this day the toupee company was also interested in photographing their hair stylists cutting the toupee so they cut my hair several times and even changed a toupee once after the first one got cut several times and shorter each time. It was quite interesting to suddenly see myself with hair and in so many different styles. I posted some photos and video to my friends and the reactions were amazing. I go so many compliments and questions about it.

The toupee I wore home that day I’m still wearing and I’ve gotten quite used to applying and removing it. Now the hair system has completely changed my life, I feel confident and happy when I going outside.

Here is an update from John:

Really want to say thank you to LaVivid hair and they gave me this opportunity to try a hair system. It has changed my life. I have been wearing hair systems ever since. Now I will not go out of my house without my toupee. It boosts my confidence and I feel great about myself having hair. I will be a loyal customer of Lavivid hair.

If you also want to get a hair system from LaVivid, please contact [email protected] and their customer service is responsive and responsible and they really consider your requirements and needs to pick a suitable hair replacement system for you.