Does Steve Savard Wear a Hairpiece?

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Wearing hair pieces is not an awkward thing. In the advanced world, everything becomes trendy and counts in fashion styles. Many celebrities prefer wearing hair extensions and wigs for different movie roles because they don't have good quality hair that affords stylization day by day. That's why they chose a quick way to simply wear a natural human wig and be ready to work without wasting more time on hair styling. Also, men prefer a front lace wig to hide frontal hair thinning or baldness problems. 

It's stylish and trendy also. Like Steve Savard, they have beautiful hairstyles, and people want to know at this age does he have natural hair or wears hairpieces?

Here we will answer this question and explain who Steve is and why people like him. Let's start with Steve Savard's biography.

Who is Steve Savard?

Steve Savard is a famous sports anchor and former player born in St Louis, Missouri, and acted as the "Voice of the St. Louis Rams" role from 1999-2015. 

He got admission to Parkway North High school, did his further education at Northwest Missouri State University, and completed graduation in English and journalism in 1986. Steve also graduated from the Broadcast Center, preparing for a career in TV news.

Steve Savard is an American anchor who first served as a sportscaster and now moved to news channels and night shows. He also served as a radio play-by-play voice from 2000-2015. Steve served as the lead news anchor and former sportscaster at KMOV in St. Louis, Missouri.

In 1999 a season in which they won Super Bowl XXXIV, he succeeded Gary Bender as the “Voice of the Rams' and moved back to Los Angeles after 2015.

We don't get his birth date and have no idea how old Steve is now. It's hard to know about Steve's age, but he was born in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A, and belongs to white ethnicity.

Personal Life

Steve Savard grew up with their parents, and he has two siblings. He was very close to his mother. Her name is Elizabeth Vincentia Nelson Savard (also known as Betty). Steve was an intelligent and calm guy. He came into the media because of his brother, who was a TV weathercaster in Joplin. His brother and mother encouraged him to join the media and get into the business; today, he is one of the most successful news reporters from KMOV.

Steve was married to a beautiful lady named Jennifer. He is living a fulfilling life with his wife. Steve has two stepsons, David and Brett.  


He won six Emmy Awards for his great skills as the best sportscaster in 2003. After serving many years as a sportscaster, he decided to move to another field and joined a news channel or tv show in May 2013. 

St. Louis is considered a haven for sports intellectuals. But with such a lofty distinction comes the need for outstanding journalistic coverage on a mass scale.

Does Steve Savard Wear a Hair Piece? 

No, he doesn't wear hair pieces. He has his natural hair, he cares about his hair a lot, and he has naturally beautiful thicker hair. He hasn't worn a hair hairpiece or wig in his life. Once, on a radio show, he said, "yes, I still have a full head of naturally curly hair." He doesn't wear a wig. 

What is Steve Savard's Net Worth?

Steve Savard is a famous anchor who earned more from the media in his career. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million in 2019. He has luxurious goods, private plans, properties, etc.

Hair pieces are not only for women. 

In 19 century, makeup and hair wigs became common all across Europe. All men and women both accepted due to the industrial revolution. 

Heels, makeup, and wig are considered essential for women. Men's fashion and beauty changed, and they preferred it in a way like women's fashion beauty. Both do the same things like makeup and wigs because both receive the same publicity and treatment in everyday life.  

Today, hair pieces for men prefer to look stylish in front of the screen light. Plus, many products on the market help in styling men's hair. There are many hairpieces chosen to wear to look so wonderful.

What are Balding and Hair Thinning? 

The reason for choosing the hair pieces is only when people face hair balding and thinning problems. Fashion and styling are a second thing, but hair pieces constructed are based on to hide baldness with artificial hairs. When men have balding problems, their exposed scalp is vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancer. Hats and completely baldness is not only the long last solution. The wig perfectly protects your scalp and hair and hides it naturally. Hats and scarves are a temporary solution and frowned only for outdoors, but for indoors, hair pieces are a good choice for you.  

What are the basic facts about hair fall and balding? 


Aging is the main thing that causes different problems. When a person is young, it has a full volume hair scalp, the critical thing which shows you are still young. But some people are naturally straight or bald. A hair piece can help make your appearance young and make you more handsome and stylish. Hair pieces are also used to hide grey hairs at an immature age. While some men may choose hairpieces to recapture their lost youth, others see an opportunity to enhance what they already have.  

Why do celebrities choose hair pieces?


Most women select hair pieces to play a role in different costumes. The high-investment film industry requires its on-screen participants to look unique for different roles, beautiful and handsome at all times. Sometimes it's impossible to create a different hairstyle look with your natural hair. They can damage more for everyday styling. In that case, film stars choose to select pre-styled perfect hair pieces and save their day. 


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