Does Seth Macfarlane Wear a Toupee?

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Degradation of the quality of our surroundings is mainly the reason behind human's natural state disturbance. Such as hair loss and baldness are natural processes, and it is also sped up by the regular or occasional use of harsh chemical products and unhealthy hair care habits. 

Some things that are responsible for damaging our hair aren’t even in our control, contaminated water, polluted air, and nutrition-less food. Finding alternatives to hair, such as extensions, Toupees, and wigs, instead of defending it against harsh environments is easier. 

Around 100 million men have suffered from hair loss, baldness, and similar conditions in the last five years. Knowing that baldness is something inevitable, people are advancing in modern technology toward its alternatives. One of the most famous alternatives is a Toupee.

The general public and even celebrities are moving towards hair alternatives, and like many others, they prefer a Toupee. A toupee is very convenient, easy to wear and a wide range of specifically customizable according to your needs, such as color, consistency, and length, is available at LaVivid Hair.

The Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane commonly known in the industry as Seth MacFarlane was born on October 26th, 1973, in Kent, Connecticut. He was born in America and is known for his screenwriting, producing, directing, and singing skills. He is very popular for his animated comedy TV show known as Family Guy which is still airing since 1999. He also created a science fiction comedy-drama show, The Orville. 

Seth MacFarlane graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and specialized in cartoons and animations. He started his early career in Hollywood as an animator and writer for Hanna-Barbera Animations Incorporation. He climbed his ladder up and appeared as a guest in shows like Gilmore Girls, The War at Home, and Star Trek. 

MacFarlane has won 40 awards and got nominated 139 times in several awards shows such as BAFTA, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Walk of Fame, Guild Awards, Critics and Association Awards, Annie Awards, ASCAP, and MTV awards. He won various awards alone due to his work in the popular show, Family Guy. To be specific, he won 5 Primetime Emmy Awards, 1 Annie Award, and 1 Webby Award.

When it comes to TV hosting, Seth Macfarlane has also made his impact there. He has hosted Comedy Central shows and also worked as a standup comedian. Seth also hosted the 85th Academy Awards in 2013.

Does Seth Macfarlane Wear a Toupee?

It was vividly clear that Seth Macfarlane was losing hair at a swift rate, and then all at once, his hair was back as they were. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Seth Macfarlane accepted that he is facing baldness, and he sports a Toupee all the time. 

He also mentioned that it is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is one of the most natural processes in men. He took the question as humorous and suggested all the men in the world stop hiding it with caps and ugly hats and start wearing a Toupee as it is the best and easiest solution available.

Seth Macfarlane is very open about baldness and other natural phenomena as he usually brings up a social problem in his TV show, Family Guy. According to the viewers and followers, Seth's toupee looks pretty natural, and with excellent beauty products by companies like LaVivid Hair, differentiating toupees with natural hair is not an easy task.

Is it a Toupee or a Transplant?

When someone is a public figure, always in front of lots of cameras and always surrounded by masses, having something like a receding hairline is easily noticeable. Knowing the media and newscasters, Seth MacFarlane's hair loss will make a good headline. 

Seth MacFarlane has always been at public forums because of his extremely loved and funny TV show, Family Guy. His receding hairline was noted closely, and so did the perfect hairline after he started wearing a toupee. People had different opinions about it, which divided most of the public into two sides. Either it is a Toupee or a Transplant? 

Toupees are generally referred to as something imperfect and passable. On the other hand, transplants are known to be calibrated and effective. Since companies like LaVivid Hair stepped into the game, the quality of Toupees and artificial hair solutions has exponentially improved. Unlike public opinion, Toupees are more effective, less costly, easily applicable, and readily customizable, allowing you to have exactly what you want.

Celebrities and models prefer toupees to chemicals, bleach, and harsh styling products to transform into a character or a theme. To avoid any sort of changes and damage to their natural hair, wearing a toupee to change their hairstyle is the best way to do it.

Although celebrities like Seth MacFarlane have other things to worry about than a receding hairline. Running a globally acclaimed TV show brings in the responsibility of carrying its reputation and meeting public standards every time you step out. 

Why is Toupee Better?

A hair transplant is extremely costly, very painful, and quite prolonged, i.e., it takes at least 8 to 12 months to recover. Along with all these things, hair care after a hair transplant is hard to manage, and even worse, changing hairstyle or even curling isn’t as easily possible.

Toupees are the best option among the other alternatives like wigs, transplants, and extensions. The main reason being widely customizable, highly economical, and effortlessly applicable. Anyone can purchase exquisite Toupee from LaVivid Hair made from synthetic material and makeup to your requirements. 

The Bottom Line 

Be it ordinary people or mainstream celebrities; no one should be guilt-ridden about their hair condition. Hair loss, baldness, hair fall, or having thin hair is a very natural phenomenon. The world has moved in a very progressive way towards modern solutions for the latter conditions. Get a Toupee that you prefer from LaVivid Hair and receive its premium product within 24 hours. Grab your toupee and shine like you used to do. It brings in confidence, approachability, and with all might, a good appearance. 


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