Does Jeff Lewis Wear a Toupee?

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Yes, Jeff Lewis wears a toupee. Jeffrey Thomas Lewis was best known for his shows flipping Out on Bravo and Jeff Lewis Live on the radio. Lewis was born in California's Orange County. 

He got out of Mater Dei High School in 1988. JEFF LEWIS went to the University of Southern California and Chapman University, studying political science and getting ready for law school. Lewis was a licensed real estate salesperson in California and worked for a real estate broker. Lewis has bought and sold many homes in the Los Angeles area.

Lewis was seeing Gage Edward, who was his business manager. After ten years together, they broke up on January 31, 2019. They take care of their daughter together. In March 2019, he started dating Scott Anderson. In September 2020, he said that the two of them were no longer together on his radio show. 

Jeff Lewis Short Straight Hairstyle

This short, relaxed style has the back and sides clipper-cut close to the head. It is a simple hairstyle that works best for busy people who want to style their hair quickly and easily with a small amount of product. This short, relaxed style has the back and sides clipper-cut close to the head. It is a simple hairstyle that works best for busy people who want to style their hair quickly and easily with a small amount of product.

How Jeff Lewis Care for his Toupee

Taking good care of his Toupee is essential if he wants to keep it in style it was made for and keep it looking great for longer. If you want to know how to take care of human hair, read our article How to Care for a Human Hair Toupee.

How Jeff Lewis Wash his Toupee:

  • •He always handles his Toupee gently.
  • •Before washing, he brushes his Toupee with a Toupee brush to eliminate tangles and the buildup of hairspray.
  • •He washes his Toupee often. After about 30 uses or every four to six weeks, you should wash your Toupee.
  • •Uses Toupee shampoo and other products made just for Toupee fibers to care for the Toupee.
  • •Uses Toupee conditioner regularly to help soften dry hair, bring out its shine, and make the fibers move more quickly. The conditioner will also help the Toupee get back to its original style.
  • •Let his Toupee air dry by hanging it loosely on a Toupee stand or spray can so that the fibers look healthy and are easy to work with. The Toupee cap will stretch and break if you put a wet Toupee on a styrofoam head or a blockhead.

Jeff Lewis styles his Toupee with special tools made for Toupees.

Toupees are often more comfortable when a Toupee cap is worn underneath. The cap will help keep your natural hair in place and stop breaking and getting thinner, especially at the crown. The REVIVETM STYLING STARTER KIT has these styling tools, like pins to hold the Toupee on the styling head, a touch-up brush, and a teaser lifter comb. Find out how to make a Toupee look good.

What Jeff Lewis avoids making his Toupee look natural?

  • 1.Don't touch boiling water, a hot oven, a curling iron, a hairdryer, a clothes dryer, an open fire, or a BBQ grill.
  • 2.Please don't touch or brush your Toupee when it's wet from water or your sweat.
  • 3.Don't put your wet Toupee on a styling head.
  • 4.Don't use heat tools on Toupees that were not made to be used with heat.
  • 5.It's easy to take care of your Toupee with these tips! It will help make your Toupee last longer and keep you looking great.

4 Ways Lewis, Jeff Keep his Human Hair Toupee Looking Fresh

Now that he's bought a Toupee, he might be wondering how to take care of it. Toupees are an excellent option for men and women who have lost their hair because of illness or medical treatment. You might feel uncomfortable and not like yourself if you lose your hair temporarily because of chemotherapy, thyroid medicine, or a medical condition. 

But Toupees take some time to get used to, and keeping them clean and looking good is essential if you want to feel good about your new hair. Here are four tips on how to take care of a Toupee so that it stays shiny and looks like your own hair.

Products that Jeff Lewis uses

Toupees made of natural hair and Toupees made of fake hair are not the same. Both can look great, and every good Toupee material has its pros and cons. But the materials used to make the Toupees are fundamentally different and should be treated differently. The cap and glue will also affect how you keep your Toupee on. At Eldorado, we help you choose the right Toupee, style it, and make sure you know how to take care of it when you leave.

Jeff Lewis washes his Toupee often.

It's essential to wash a Toupee made of natural hair. Toupees need to be washed often, just like your own hair. And just like with your hair, washing your clothes too often can damage them. Every 7 to 14 days, you should wash your Toupee. Choose carefully when buying Toupees made of natural hair. You shouldn't use regular hair care products or cheap shampoo from the drugstore. Instead, you should only use products made for human hair Toupees. Lightweight Toupees made of natural hair are good products that need good care. It would help if you also asked a specialist in hair restoration how to dry different kinds of Toupees.

Lewis, Jeff let his Toupee air dry.

After you wash your Toupee, let it dry in the air. After washing your Toupee, letting it dry in the air is the most gentle and least damaging way to dry it. It will make your Toupee last longer in the long run. Using a blow dryer on your Toupee can damage your hair and make it look old faster. Over time, you'll figure out how to keep your Toupee on and what tricks work best for you and your daily life.

Jeff Lewis doesn't wear his Toupee to bed.

You might be wondering how to keep a Toupee made of natural hair. Even if your Toupee is comfortable, light, and feels great, you shouldn't sleep in it. Instead, put the Toupee on a Toupee stand that is just a little bit smaller than your head. It will keep the cap from getting stretched out.


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