Does Jason Beghe Wear a Hairpiece?

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Have you ever heard of a Scientologist turning into an actor? Probably yes, along with many Jason Beghe too quit Scientology to join the entertainment industry full time. Both fields are opposite, but Jason Beghe's work has proved every time that he was born to be an actor. Beghe has made headlines right from his role as a police officer in G.I. Jane opposite Demi Moore. He has also appeared in hit television shows as lead roles in Chicago P.D. and To Have & to Hold.

Along with doing spectacular jobs in every role that he has played. Beghe has received applause for his hair too. There are quite some people who can rock short hair, and Beghe is one of them! He's one of the very few people in Hollywood that has looked good in every type of short haircut there is!

The Start of Beghe’s Hair Story:

For someone to be successful in the entertainment industry, they need to have talent and good looks. Hair has always played an important role when it comes to looking good. The right haircut can take anyone places. Right from his debut in Monkey Shines in 1988. Jason Beghe was able to make everyone swoon over his hair. In that film, Beghe looks terrific with a typical boy cut. And the only difference that hair had with others was that his was ten times more luscious and healthier. Beghe's role in the film required nice hair. And the actor carried it so beautifully throughout that people started wondering if the actor was wearing a hairpiece or not. You can imagine how healthy his hair must have been in the film for people to spread rumours like such!

Since then, everyone has wanted to know the secret behind Beghe's hair. And whether that secret was a hairpiece or his natural hair only!

The Evolution of Beghe’s hair:

As Beghe's success started growing in Hollywood, his hair did the opposite. After Monkey Shines, Beghe's second hit film was G.I. Jane opposite Demi Moore. In the film, Beghe played the role of a police officer. So it was natural for him to have his hair, cut short for the role. But even then, people were in awe of his locks. With amazement comes rumours too and still, people wondered if he wore a hairpiece or not. 

While others couldn't stop gushing over his hair, some were in a constant quest for Beghe's hair secret. They believed that the actor somehow used a hairpiece for all his roles. After G.I. Jane, Beghe's lead role in the television show 'To Have & To hold' gained attention and applause. His hair in the show was completely different from the one he debuted with. They were cut even shorter, but they still looked healthier as ever. Short haircuts can look good on only some, and Beghe is one of those. 

How Does Jason Beghe's Hair Look Like Now?

It's natural for many men around the globe to experience hair fall as they grow old. The same scenario has been with Jason Beghe, who has now almost become bald. Beghe is currently playing a lead role in Chicago PD, where his luscious locks have seemed to be gone. Nevertheless, Beghe still looks as handsome as when he made his debut. Beghe's hair has always been one of the most asked questions throughout his career. 

It won't be wrong to say that according to each one of his roles, and of course, his age. Beghe has always seemed to rock his every look. The 61-year-old at the moment has grey hair that he seems to enjoy with confidence!

So Did Jason Beghe Ever Wear a Hair Piece?

It's natural for people to be suspicious around an actor's hair. Especially if that actor made his debut with his hair as shiny as Jason Beghe. The actor has always made headlines in every magazine. Whether on his views on Scientology or his hair. Beghe has somehow managed to be the centre of attention always. 

When Beghe debuted in Monkey Shines, people couldn't believe how someone's hair could be as healthy as that. But the answer to whether he ever wore a hairpiece or not would be a solid no. If you take a look at the dramatic changes that Beghe's hair has taken over the years. You would see that Beghe experienced one of the most natural hair transitions. It's common for men to have healthy and luscious hair when they are young. And to experience baldness as they grow old. During the starting years of his career, Beghe's hair was strong and dreamy. But if you look at it now, they aren't as strong as they used to be. But the actor's haircut for sure complements his whole face well.

Why did Beghe’s Hair Aroused Suspicions?

The reason why so many people question Beghe's hair and think that he might have worn a hairpiece some time in his career. Has got to do with the only few times we got to see his luscious hair. If you don't know, Beghe was involved a lot in Scientology right since his college days. He always had something going on with him related to the industry, such as a few modelling gigs. But Beghe's prime focus was Scientology. Due to that, he didn't spend as much time in front of the camera as he was supposed to. When Beghe quit Scientology and started acting full time. It was only then that everyone got to see his good looks and hair. Many even wondered where he was the whole time before that! The actor was already in his 30s during Monkey Shine and G.I. Jane. And after these successful movies, he started ageing and losing his hair. 


Even though Beghe's hair is not how it used to be initially. The actor for sure knows how to slay any look! Beghe has always managed to steal the spotlight in each hairstyle and cut!


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