Be Calm When You Want to Get Hair Loss Treatment Chemist Warehouse

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Have you ever search any hair loss treatment chemist warehouse in a rush? Take it easy, before you go to a chemist's warehouse for medicines, you must know the reasons for hair loss. Only the right medicine can effectively relieve alopecia. Using the wrong medicine will aggravate the symptoms of hair loss.

Nowadays, men are under increasing pressure, and men are losing their hair and suffering from baldness. It has become a social phenomenon, which has a great impact on men's image.

How to prevent male hair loss and what medicine should men take for hair loss?

What medicine is good for male hair loss--the reason for male hair loss

The most direct cause of alopecia is the deterioration of the ecological environment of the head. Overeating high-fat food, environmental and chemical shampoo pollution, excessive hair loss and hair dyeing injury, improper menstruation and postpartum conditioning, kidney deficiency in middle age, etc., are related to hair loss.

All these lead to the imbalance of scalp nutrition supply, poor blood circulation, excessive grease, hair follicle blockage, and other deterioration of the ecological environment of the head, thus hindering the absorption of nutrition by hair roots, affecting hair growth, leading to hair loss and white hair-producing.

Because men and women have different physiological mechanisms, the reasons for hair loss are different. In daily life, experts point out that most patients with alopecia are blood heat and damp heat constitution, and they overeat spicy and stimulating foods, fat and greasy foods,

What’s more, because of emotional disorder, their heart and liver fire are exuberant, which leads to excessive blood heat and damp heat in the body, steaming top to top, eroding hair roots, resulting in soft hair, slow growth, and gradual shedding.

Long-term illness consumes yin and blood, liver and kidney are deficient in essence and blood, hair roots are malnourished, and hair is dry and bald. The reasons for male hair loss are mainly related to genetic factors, endocrine factors, mental stress, excessive use of the brain, staying up late, insomnia, and poor diet.

What medicine is good for male hair loss-how to prevent male hair loss

Care about diet: Men should pay attention to correct allocation and balanced nutrition when eating. Men at high risk of hair loss should stay away from too greasy, sweet, and spicy food, especially because there are too many fried foods in foreign fast food.

Increase the proportion of grains, vegetables, and fruits in the diet. Eat more foods rich in iron and calcium, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, and eggs, and also eat more foods with nourishing effects on hair, such as milk, lean meat, poultry, and fish.

Quit smoking and drinking, and prevent sun exposure: Men should stay away from tobacco, quit smoking and drinking. It is also necessary to prevent the sun from being exposed to the sun, and care about prevention when swimming outdoors and taking a bath in the sun.

Do not underestimate the power of Chinese Traditional Medicine. TCM is very popular in foreign countries now, you can easily buy them in a hair loss treatment chemist warehouse now.

What medicine should men take for hair loss?

Poria cocos: Take about 500 grams of Poria cocos. Grind Poria cocos into a fine powder, 3 times a day, 6 grams each time, and take it with warm boiled water. This prescription is used for alopecia and alopecia areata.

Poria cocos get the residual gas from pine trees, which go up and seeps and wets, so it is suitable for alopecia patients with excessive moisture. Patients with intractable alopecia should be patient when taking this prescription, and 1~2 months is a course of treatment.

Platycladus orientalis: Take 30 grams of fresh Platycladus orientalis leaves, grind them and put them into a large bottle, soak them in 75% alcohol, seal the bottle mouth to the extent that they have not passed the medicine, and use them after 7 days.

During use, the liquid medicine is filtered out with gauze, and the affected part is dipped with absorbent cotton 3-4 times a day. At the same time, pay attention to soothing the mood. This prescription has an obvious curative effect on alopecia caused by mental stress.

I suppose that these two ways are enough for your hair loss treatment chemist warehouse. Do not try too many prescriptions, you have to know that “Every medicine has its side effect medicine”, take care of yourself. 


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