How to Distinguish The 4 Similar Poly Hair Systems in LaVivd

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When it comes to poly hair systems, people always get confused. They look quite the same. What on earth  the differences are? Today we are going to talk about the differences among the 4 popular poly toupees that LaVivid hair offers.

The 4 poly toupees are Eros, Mirage, Coeus and Achilles. From the below picture, you can check the different properties in aspects of Curl, base thickness, hair density, lifespan and available colors.


Base Thickness & Lifespan

Base thickness is the main difference among these 4 styles. Eros is the thinnest one and Achilles is the thickest one.

Among all the different kinds of toupees on the market, no matter what their base is, Eros is the most natural and realistic one because is it only 0.03mm thick and it is super thin and transparent. When it is put on your head, it looks just like your scalp and the hair looks just like it grows out of your scalp. One con about Eros is that it is not that durable. It can last 2-3 months. If you always keep it in good condition, it will last longer.

The reason why I put base thickness and lifespan here together because the lifespan is just decided by the base thickness. The thicker the base is, the longer it will last. The thinner the base, the less time it will last. If you use it carefully, the period of use will be extended a little longer.

Wave and Curl

Eros and Mirage have the body wave which is a bit tighter than that of Coeus and Achilles which has a 30mm rod size slight wave. The wave can be changed when you styling it. You can make the curl a bit tighter or a bit looser because they are made of real human hair.

Here please note that when you style a hair with gray hair in it, dont use high degree curling or straightening tools onto it because a high degree will damage the gray hair completely since the gray hair is synthetic fiber.

One thing to mention is that we also can make human gray hair with no problem. However, all our stock styles use synthetic fiber as the gray hair. If you are interested in human gray hair, we can customize it just for you.

Hair Density

Eros and Mirage practically work for almost all ages young or old since they have a medium light density of 90% and 95%. While Coeus and Achilles will work more for young people in their 20s to 40s.

Coeus has a density of 115% which is a perfect hair density for people who are in their 30s. Please check what our customers say about Coeus and its density.

Quote: ‘Thank you for a great unit it's the best I had it's my first system from you. I bought a lot of systems some were good others were a waste of money and time. But yours was just what I was looking for. I always bought stock systems but the densities were ether to thick or to thin. When I found your site I was looking at the skin systems cause there easier to work with. I saw you had one with a 115% hair density just what I needed. So I took a chance and ordered one from you. I have to say it's the best hair system I ever received the density was just what I wanted not too thick or thin. 115% density should be the medium and 110 % should be the medium light. I been around the block and read a lot of people's comments. They always complain the medium 130 % is to thick And also the 120 %. And they complain the medium light is just that to light. The one I just bought is how most should be made 115 % density it would save time and money for the seller and buyer. That's just my opinion. As long as I can buy this unit I just bought 115 % density I will stay being another happy customer and the price stays around the same. I will always but from Lavivid...God Bless.’


How They Look in Person?





Now I believe you have a general idea of what each hair system looks like and which one to choose based on your own needs. If still not clear, please feel free to contact us through




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