Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

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At present, there are two main ways to solve the issue of hair growth, one is medical hair growth-hair transplant, and the second is physical hair growth; the two solutions are completely different, and there are differences in the probability of success.

Principle of Hair Transplant

For hair transplantation, most of them use the back area of the head as the donor area. Then equipments are used to separate the healthy hair follicles of the donor area into single or multiple hair follicle units, and then transplant the separated hair follicles to the hair loss area, and let these hair follicles reappear on the scalp of the hair loss area. Hair grows. Hair transplantation does not increase the total amount of hair in essence, but distributes the entire hair reasonably, and implants some new hair into the hair loss site, so that the overall appearance looks more beautiful.


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is a physical hair increase. The hair is planted on the hair net. The high-quality hair net material has the characteristics of breathability, perspiration and lightness. In terms of hair selection, real hair is generally selected. After sterilization, appropriate hair pieces are tailored according to individual hair loss area, hair quality, color, face shape, temperament, etc., and the final styling is completed by the stylist.


For hair transplantation, the price is charged according to the unit price of each hair follicle, and the average total price is more than $1,500. The effect of hair transplantation is closely related to the survival rate of hair follicles. The more experienced and high-level doctors, the higher the survival rate, the higher the corresponding fee will be.

The price of each hairpiece varies from 200 to 300 dollars, and the hair products and services it provides are also different. The advantage of the hair replacement style is that the image is improved immediately after wearing, without waiting for hair growth.


Final Result

Hair transplants generally choose the long lifespan hair follicles, after the survival, there will be no hair loss. However, it takes about half a year to a year’s time from the completion of hair transplantation to the full growth of hair. During this time, you need pay attention to your diet, work, and more. It takes a period of care and cultivation to grow into your hair which doesn’t fall as before. The most common problem encountered by young clients for hair transplantation is that the part of the hair transplant is kept, while the other parts continue to fall off, requiring two or more hair transplants. Moreover, the effect of hair transplantation is effective for some people due to different physical conditions and others, but it is ineffective for others.

Therefore, the health program to improve the image of men's hair loss, the world's first to wear men's non-surgical hair system. The renewal styling effect is immediate, without waiting, the styling is realistic, and the styling process is relatively simple.

hair replacement system

What Is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is a new technique for adding hair to people who have thin hair, hair loss, and baldness. The technical method is: hook real human hair on the ultra-thin artificial scalp or imported net material to make hair pieces. The customer puts on the hair piece and uses the professional hairdresser to carefully trim the styling to create the customer's ideal hairstyle. The core point of this technology is that one of the selected hair is completely human hair and the same as the hair quality, color and thickness of the customer's hair; the second is the density of the hair system must be the same as the density of the customer's growing hair; Compatible with real scalp, there are full net, full poly, lace + poly material, and they are very realistic, natural, comfortable and breathable.

non surgical hair replacement


The Benefits of Hair Replacement

1. With the hair replacement technology, the effect is natural and seamless, and it completely subverts the distortion and embarrassment of traditional wigs. The raw materials for hair weaving and hair system are all made of real human hair with the same quality as the customer's hair. It makes the client's hair beautiful and seamless, and it is difficult for others to realize that the wig is worn.

2. Feel relaxed and comfortable. The weight of the raw material for hair weaving and replacement is not more than 30 grams, and its relaxed and comfortable feeling is like natural growth.

3. No need to take or take any medicine for external use, absolutely safe, without any side effects.

4. Hair Replacement System is not a surgical operation, but a "hair beauty" service without any pain and risk.

5. After hair replacement, you can wash and blow your hair normally. You can also perform any vigorous exercise such as swimming and playing ball, without worrying about the phenomenon of sudden fall.

6. There is no need to equip any special shampoo, conditioner, etc., just use the usual cleaning products to avoid extra consumption.

7. A wide range of application, regardless of men and women, regardless of thinning hair or "Mediterranean" style topping, it is suitable to use replacement techniques.

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