Did Tony Randall wear a hairpiece?

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Human head hair has a great impact on one’s personality. Any little change in hair catches the attention of people. It seems people are in love with gossiping about anyone’s hair. When people see an exceptional change in anyone’s hair, they start gossiping. When it comes to famous personalities, they gain more attention from the public in these personal matters. The 90s American Actor Tony Randall, besides his fame, remained in the eyes of the public because of his good hair even in the last years of his life. Even after so many years of his death, people are still curious about his hair and say that he wore a hairpiece. Let’s have some discussion that does he wore a hairpiece???    

Anthony Leonard Randall

He was an American Actor and was famous for his role in The Odd Couple by Neil Simon. He started his professional career in 1940. In Worcester Massachusetts, he worked on a radio station WTAG as an announcer. Tony Randall also worked for United States Army Signal Corps in World War 2 and served in the Signal Intelligence Service. In 1940, he had his first job when he played “Reggie” for a radio series named I Love A Mystery. He starred in many movies and gained much success because of his acting skills.  He was nominated for many awards and won two of them. He gained 5th and 6th place in awards for his Top New Male Personality and Top Male Supporting Performance. He won 2 awards for his performance in the Odd Couple. One award was for Outstanding Leading Actor in Comedy Series and 2nd was for Quintessential Non-Traditional Family Award. He had also engaged in many other creative activities. With the Klugman, he recorded an album for the London Records in 1973 titled “The Odd Couple Sings”.  Tony Randall also voiced the Brain Gremlin for the 1990 sequel Gremlins 2. He was granted an Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree by Pace University in 2003. He died in May 2004. During his life and even after his death, people gossip about his good quality hair and say his hair was not real or he wore a hairpiece.    

Tony Randall and his Hairpiece

We can say for some people that death cannot tame their fame. They remain in the minds or hearts of the public whatever the reason is. So is the case with Tony Randall that even after 18 years of his death, people are still curious about his hair. According to people, he wore a hairpiece. He was a celebrity and celebrities do many of these things, as they have to appear on the television or media. The fame of any celebrity is somehow related to their physical beauty and personality. So, celebrities do the efforts to have the best impression on their audience. As of today’s advanced technology of hair treatments and hair transplants, there were no such things in the 90s. The hair transplant technique was started in the 1950s but it was not as common as it is now. At that time, people with hair issues preferred hairpieces. so, maybe Tony Randall wore a hairpiece. Some people in the showbiz industry said that he has one of the best hairpieces on his head. In public, he had never seen without it. When he was shooting the Odd Couple, he played the role of a youngster. He was not young and was 52 years old at that time. But in the show, he has to appear like a youngster so maybe he wore a hairpiece according to his role. According to some resources, his name is on the list of celebrities who wore a hairpiece. The title of the list is “Confirmed Celebrity Hairpieces (Supposedly)” and Tony Randall has his name there. When we look at his pictures of both young and old age, we can say that he had a head full of hair. He had very good quality hair. Although he had not had very good hair in the last years of his life as he had at a young age but his hair was in far better condition than the men of his age. In the age of 70s or 80s, mostly men face baldness but Tony Randall had his full head covered with hair. He had a male-type opening means a forehead opening of his hair. So, it can be said that he wore a hairpiece. Tony Randall never said or confirmed anything about wearing a hairpiece. Because of the good quality of his hair in the last years of his life, people are curious even after his death. But it looks like people’s curiosity will remain as it is because it is not yet confirmed whether he wore a hairpiece or not. 


Did Tony Randall has a hair transplant?

There are very less chances of him having a hair transplant. Because in the 90s hair transplant was not as common as it is today. His hair appearance also did not look like a hair transplant.

Did Tony Randall has fake hair on his head?

Due to the appearance of nice and sleek hair throughout his life, it seems to people that he didn’t have real hair. He had fake hair means he wore a hairpiece but there is no surety that he wore a hairpiece. 

Did Tony Randall wear a hairpiece during the shooting of the Odd Couple?

In this show, Tony Randall had to play the role of a youngster so he wore a hairpiece because he was not young at that time. 


Tony Randall, besides his acting skills also remained in the eyes of the public because of his good quality hair throughout his life. He had nice and sleek hair that covered his full head. In his old age, his hair was not like his young age but was much better than other ones of the age 70s or 80s. It cause people to gossip about him and it seemed to them that he wore a hairpiece. But no resource confirms he wore a hairpiece.           


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